Zero-lawlessness at Presidential inauguration ceremony

Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

The Zambia Police Service says it  recorded zero  lawlessness during  yesterday’s inauguration ceremony across the country.

ZANIS reports Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Mwata Katongo saying in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that the inauguration ceremony was celebrated in a  jubilant but peaceful manner.

Mrs Katongo expressed happiness at the way Zambians from different sectors of the society turned out in large numbers to celebrate the inauguration of President Lungu.

She has encouraged Zambians to continue live in peace and uphold the One Zambia One Nation motto.

She  congratulated all officers across the country for the critical role played in maintaining peace before, during and after the inauguration ceremony./

This is  despite the huge turnout of people across the country, she said.

Mrs. Katongo however said that only one case was reported at Heroes stadium yesterday when the stadium was full and couldn’t allow more people in to the stadium.

She added that there was a huge crowd outside the stadium which wanted to push its way into the already filled stadium which in turn resulted scuffles which however was contained by the police.

Mrs. Katongo urged Zambian to safe guard the peace which the country has enjoyed for the past 51 years since independence.