Last night I danced around with a danger. 14 year old in my house

The Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali
The Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali

Last night I danced around with a danger of being implicated if I slept a night with a 14 years old in my house without anyone else in the house. As you may know I live with my two daughters but on weekends they are with their mother since we are not together.

In my quest to help street-children I try to take them off the street and give them back a normal life through various ways. The first option is to take them back to their families. The other is to take them into foster homes.

My hope is that I can one day be blessed with money to have a home where I can keep those that may not be able to go back home or can’t be taken in a foster home.

It is not easy to take in a child from the streets especially if the child has been there for a long time. However, every child deserves love regardless of how spoiled he or she maybe in character.

When I go out to the street I don’t want to do wonders, but I just want to show love, even with a smile or a nice word to a child on the street.

You don’t have to think big to show love to these children, just treat them nicely even those whom you think are bad. They say, give love and you will receive love. If you give a child a smile, it is most likely that he or she will respond positively.

At times I pick these children and bring them home to bath of just to spend sometime with me as I bond and assess them.

Sometime back I had picked one girl who is 13 years old but she should be turning 14 years old soon. I took in this child because she seems good and I was thinking that one of my followers here who showed interest in helping a child would take her in (this is not the girl you saw me washing her hair, it is another one in the pictures somewhere there)

Like always, I took this child to her parents so that I can get more details. From my assessment, this girl was out in the street due to nothing more than poverty of the both parents. Poverty multiplies problems of life.

The parents of this girl are just as old as the age of this girl in marriage but they have 6 children. They live in a house which is as small as my kitchen as a bachelor. The father loads buses in town. The mother is a simple woman from the village.

The marriage of the parents of this girl has not been accepted by the family of the man, because it seems the girl, as a first born, came as unexpected out of unprotected causal sex.

It now appears that, the father resents the girl, especially that she once revealed the plot of her grandmother who organised another wife for her son who is the father to this girl. The young girl revealed the plans of her grand mother to the mother who later went to VSU police and the plan was thwarted.

The girl was maltreated at home and she ended up on the streets.

The girl looks sharp and wants to go back to school but she literally has no home and she refused to go back to the parents’ home in fear of the father.

“Uncle, I would rather go back to the street than go to my parents because mum is not there” she told me last night when I asked her to go back home because I had left her with her parents a week ago.

I was scared to sleep with her in my house because my daughters were not there and I don’t know what her parents or relatives are capable of. One of my inspirer Priest in Nairobi, was arrested and took a long time defending himself after being falsely accused of sodomy.

I love children and I melt in their love, but people can be cruel at times when they want something. They can even accuse you of molesting your own children if they want to mess you up. I have been there and I was scared of what may come tomorrow out of my kindness to this girl.

Anyway, thank God, my cheerleader came in and agreed to spend the night by my place and it was just like my new a family, with a mother there and a 14 year old daughter.

This makes me fee so strong to find a home for these children, because I feel very bad when I visit them int he night. It is so cold and one of them is pregnant.

I don’t know what to do with this pregnant girl because her pregnancy is about 6 months now.

It is these kind of challenges that make me very upset when I hear of corrupt politicians like those who were involved in the maize scam. They don’t realise that when they corruptly increase the prices of commodities, they are causing more sufferings and frustrations on the citizens which give raise to such vices of streets children, prostitution, theft, among other vices.

Zambians lets help where we can and open your eyes as you go to vote. Vote for people with hearts and not those who only want to make money. They careless about our sufferings while they live in big mansions out of our votes.

Don’t listen to their lies, look at how they have been living in their personal lives, because that is the only way you can tell if they mean their words. Promises are just but campaign gimmicks, when they get power you will not see them. Open your eyes and pray for good leaders.

I ask for your prayers and this girl in my house right now.


  1. please take her back. a month ago my mum accomodated a street girl,took her to clinics until her sti was clear and kept her as a child but one morning she woke up and packe all my mums suitcases and stole her money. please just help her from afar.

  2. I am shocked that there is poverty in Zambia. While others are becomin super rich i.e. doubling their assets in 18months, others are complainin of poverty. We are told by the author that zambia is doin fine economically, so where is poverty?