Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

As one person who has been insulted by GBM more than once, I would never refusethe high temper of GBM, however, I will be quick to say, the man has a good heart and love people.

I have noticed some campaign strategies of discrediting GBM as a leader because of his violent tendencies. Some media houses are even writing articles to incite women organisations to raise against GBM so that he does not get votes.

I doubt the success of UPND in this election, but I believe we might have to see more of GBM’s leadership looking at how people respond to the name GBM.

Unless you are politically blind, would you fail to see the popularity and some goodwill from people towards GBM. Remember Sata was said to be the devil himself who could never rule Zambia. He was also said not to be educated, today we are sontaling (pointing) what he did.

I know some people will say that, I am defending GBM because of the 5 pin (K5,000), but that is how cheap your mind is not me. A progressive mind would not think that K5,000 would buy a man like me.

One of the richest young-men in Kitwe by the name of Oscar Kaluba easily sends me money for the street children and warns me not to speak about it because he has a good heart to share his wealth. So I would rather beg from Oscar than sell myself to GBM at K5,000.

The fact is that GBM has emotions but he is a loving man starting with his wife. I know GBM together with the wife very closely. I talk to the wife WHERE NEED BE (by the way GBM is very jealousy so I hope the captions are noted) and I have seen how the two love each other.

By the way, GBM and the wife boast of 38 years of marriage and they have 5 children who are fairly doing well as adults. So it is unfortunate that people want to blow up one incidence of conflict in a marriage overlooking the love that exist between them.

Instead of inciting women to raise against GBM, we should be asking young couples to engage GBM and the wife when they face problems instead of divorcing (like me) or shooting each other.

When it comes to people that GBM has abused, most of them are in good terms with him. I know one friend who used to work with him and they parted company on a bad note, but today, they are friends.

Yes, GBM has a bad temper but he gets back to people and asks for forgiveness in one way or the other. And it is good that I am writing this with a clear evidence of him insulting me but since then I have been in his house several times and eaten at his lavish dinner table.

I also doubt GBM’s temper can make him a bad leader because GBM was once Defense Minister (very senior position) and we never heard of GBM abusing our men in uniform. I used to go to his office and from what I saw, the man was liked at that Ministry.

Therefore I doubt his temper can make him a bad leader, I think he is a better leader than most of these gentlemen who are selfish like this leader in Kabwata who has made a fortune in politics and from maize but he eats alone.

Zayelo has been in Kabwata for 20 years as a leader of which about 5 years as a minister but who can boast of having been assisted by him, yet you say he is a good leader. I know many people who have been used by Zayelo to get what he wants but later dumps them, including women.

On the contrary, GBM’s name is on the mouth many people in need of help. I have messages of people asking me to connect them to GBM for help but I wonder how much he has to help the whole Country. So maybe at one point we should put him as President.

Why do people mention GBM when they need help, instead of these other people who are even richer than GBM.

Stop the malice GBM is a good man than most of us. Attack the UPND policies not GBM, that is politics.

Politics teyabana iyoo.

The Zambian Voice – Chilufya Tayali