Voter found with 5 voters cards

criminal records, crime, arrest, court
criminal records, crime, arrest, court

POLICE in Mongu have arrested a woman after she was allegedly found with five voters’ cards belonging to different people.
Memory Namangolwa was arrested yesterday during the verification exercise for political party supporters yesterday.
Western Province Commissioner of Police Charles Lungu said in an interview that Ms Namangolwa, who is from Limulunga District, has since been charged with possession of more than one voters’ card as stipulated in the electoral code of conduct.
‘’After interviewing the woman here, [Police] she disclosed that she carried more than one card because she wanted to get a K40 for each of them as promised by the political party that ferried them to the verification centre,’’ Mr Lungu said.
Ms Namangolwa was among the 85 supporters who turned up to give support to the Democratic Assembly Party. She said the cards belonged to her late father, her husband and her brothers.

[Daily Mail]


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