2 jerabos get suspended sentence for assault

chingola jerabo

KITWE High Court judge Timothy Katenekwa on Thursday slapped 12 months suspended sentences for assault on two men alleged to be part of the notorious gang commonly known as jerabos. The duo was initially charged with aggravated robbery, which was later reduced to assault. When the matter came up for defence on Monday, Simeon Kalobo and Geoffrey Venda pleaded guilty to assault and occasioning actual bodily harm. Judge Katenekwa suspended the sentence to 12 months on condition that the two do not involve themselves in violence within the period.

“I sentence you to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour but I have decided to suspend the sentence to the same months on condition that you do not involve yourselves in any forms of violence,” judge Katenekwa ordered. Particulars of the offence were that Kalobo and Venda, on August 10, last year, in Kitwe, assorted Terry Kayamba, thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm. Evidence before court was that on the fateful day, the complainant was in the company of his friend and that they went to the slug dump situated in Wusakile known at the black mountain.

The two had gone to do a routine check on the machines and as they were descending, they met two men, among them Venda, and during a conversation between them the complainant uttered some words which did not go well with Venda. – See more at: http://postzambia.com/news.php?id=17746#sthash.7RX5gZ3s.dpuf

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