Mentally-ill man stabs 10 members of his family to death


A mentally-ill man stabbed to death 10 members of his family and injured several others on Sunday in the Moroccan city of Eljadida. Going into hysterics in the house of his family, the offender killed his parents, wife, as well as seven of his other relatives, local authorities said.

The same source said police found the attackers’ four daughters locked inside a room safely.

According to sources from the family of the victims, the 45-year-old attacker was suffering from a mental disorder before he started to take some medicines that helped him lead a normal life.

The source added that the tragedy was caused after the mentally-ill man argued with his family and became hysterical.

The offender took a sword and stabbed all the family members inside the house except four of his daughters.

Police intervened immediately and managed to neutralise the offender and rescue the four little daughters.

The local authorities said that two officers were slightly injured while arresting the offender.

The killer was arrested and presented before the general prosecutor, but he refused to talk. — Xinhua.