Women shocked to find semen all over their chitenges

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

Police in Livingstone are holding a man believed to be in his mid-30’s after he ejaculated on women who were attending a Women’s Day event.
Mushaukwa Mushaukwa, a curio trader from Mukuni Park was almost clobbered by angry women during the celebrations to mark women’s day at the Civic centre after he masturbated and ejaculated on women who were following the proceedings.

Mushaukwa claims the women stood so close to his manhood and became sexually aroused, forcing him to spill his semen on the women.

A small group of women were shocked to find semen all over their chitenges and became incensed.

He has since been arrested for indecent assault.

Lusaka Times


  1. Buy y releasing on de womans chitenge wen he cud av dan that in his pants,somehow am not sure abt dis story

  2. he’s only in mid 30s nd spills that quick????he shuld be arrested fr being quick….

  3. And people wonder why we need a special day to celebrate all the women in the world. If we have to put up with this sh#t/spunk, we should get the whole f’ing year.

  4. did he ejaculate on his pants or he produced the eeeeeeh and ejaculate and i believe that can only occur if there is tighty contactact between the two,anyway whats the crime?public nuisance#