Police save car mirror thief from instant mob justice

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A YOUNG man in his late 20s on Sunday morning escaped the wrath of an instant mob justice when he was caught removing a side mirror from a parked mini bus at Kamwala station.

The incident, which was witnessed by a Daily Nation staffer, started as a simple issue when one bus conductor on the scene alerted his friends to look in the direction of the mini bus where the alleged thief was busy removing a side view mirror from the vehicle which was parked near Darling shop.
When he finished removing the mirror, four conductors descended on him, demanding to know why he had removed the side mirror.
The man failed to justify his action and within seconds the place was filled up with vendors and other curious passers-by.
Immediately some people started shouting “Mumenyeni” (Beat him).
Spontaneously some people picked up stones, iron bars and other objects and started beating the alleged thief.
The man fell down and it was at this point when a Good Samaritan reported the matter to the nearby police post.
Three police officers rushed to the scene and rescued the man from the angry mob and led him away for questioning.
A nearby vendor Ms Mirriam Mwape said it was fortunate police arrived on the scene in good time because the suspected thief could have been killed by the mob.
“The man should thank the police for rescuing him because he would have been dead meat by now; thank God the police were on time. There is too much stealing in this area, people steal even in the day,” she said.