Witness reveals why GBM’s son slapped singer Kachanana

Kachanana Simate
Kachanana Simate

THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on Monday heard that the man accused of assaulting musician Kachanana Simate slapped her after she revealed that she went to see his father to intervene in the credit he owes her.

In this case, Peter Mwamba, the son to businessman and Kasama PF member of parliament Geoffrey Mwamba, is charged with assault contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

The allegation is that Mwamba in February this year assaulted Kachanana when she went to his house to demand payment of K57,000 he allegedly owed her.

Testifying in the case before magistrate Jennipher Bwalya, Edmond Kamusaki, who informed the court that he had known the complainant since 2008, said she owed him K7,000 and was supposed to pay within two months which she failed to do.

Kamusaki said Kachanana told him that she did not pay him in time because Mwamba, who was introduced to her by the boyfriend, owed her K57,000 and had not paid her yet and the matter was in court.

He told the court that he then accompanied Kachanana to Mwamba’s house where she explained to the latter that she owed him money and he had bills to settle.

Kamusaki said Mwamba told Kachanana that he would have loved to settle the matter outside court, but the two raised their voices at each other and started exchanging words.

He said Mwamba told Kachanana that he had bigger money issues to deal with than her credit.

“Then she said, ‘even your dad told me the same thing when I went to see him to intervene’, and that’s how he got upset and slapped her for going to see his father,” Kamusaki said.

He also said after being slapped, Kachanana slipped from the couch, fell on the floor and bled from the nose and mouth.

Kamusaki said he calmed the situation and Mwamba apologised for what had transpired.

The witness said Mwamba further sympathised with him when he told him he needed his money from Kachanana because his child was unwell.

He said Mwamba gave him K700 whilst at his house and another K2,300 later in the afternoon, bringing the total to K3,000.

In cross examination, the court heard that the witness was in the company of Kachanana when she went to report the accused at Woodlands Police Station.
Kamusaki said the complainant bled from morning to afternoon.

But the defence argued that the assault case was stage-managed to compel Mwamba to pay the credit.

The case was adjourned to January 25, 2016 for continued trial.