Wife catches husband making love with deacon’s wife in a vehicle

Divorce Court

TOTAL silence fell in Lusaka’s Kanyama local court after a wife narrated how she found her husband making love with the deacon’s wife in a family car.

The housewife further told the court that she had caught her husband red handed making love with other five women on different occasions.
This was heard in a case in which Penelope Mutinta, 32, of Garden House sued her husband, Joseph Phiri, 41, for reconciliation.
The two got married in 1998 and have five children.
Mutinta told Senior Court Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting with Magistrates Daniel Phiri and Ackim Phiri that all was well until 2013 when Phiri became flirtatious and violent.
She said sometimes in September 2014 she found Phiri making love with the deacon’s wife in a car.
She further told the court that they had not made love for two years and three months, adding that her husband had been away from the matrimonial how for three months.
Mutinta said that Phiri had been sleeping in jean trousers and had been putting their last born child between them to prevent any body contacts.
In defence, Phiri said that Mutinta was disrespectful and that she became quarrelsome after they built a house.
He explained that Mutinta sold a vehicle and warned him that she would sort him the way others had been taught a lesson. Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa reconciled the couple since they were both willing to do so and advised Mutinta to sue for divorce if the problem continued.