THREE youths sentenced to life imprisonment for rape

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THREE youths have each been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a 20-year-old woman and stealing her valuables.
Kabwe High Court Judge Elita Mwikisa said the level of force used on the defenseless woman was brutal and that society was not safe with such people roaming freely.
The convicts were Darius Chanda, Francis Kaluba and Zanta Kabangabanga, who were found guilty of the offence. They stole the victim’s mobile phone and K150, in an incident that occurred on August 19, last year, in Itala area.
The victim testified during trial how her attackers argued on who would rape her first.
She narrated that she was attacked while on her way home after a business outing.
The woman told Judge Mwikisa that she detested her ordeal and that she could not fight back as they were many and easily overpowered her.
She however managed to hit one of her attackers with a brick but that she could raise alarm to seek help as they had forced a cloth in her mouth, to prevent her from screaming.
She experienced excruciating pain after being raped and could not walk properly but alerted her grandmother soon as she got home.
Another witness told the court that she saw blood oozing from the victim’s private parts and advised that the matter be reported to the police.
A brick and a jean skirt, with blood stains on it were adduced as evidence in court.
Passing judgment, Judge Mwikisa said the behaviour of the trio was unacceptable and deserved to be sent to prison, so that others with similar intentions did not repeat a similar crime.
She said women should be allowed to move freely without fear of being attacked.