My wife and I not compatible, Kitwe man tells court


A SEXUALLY starved housewife of Kitwe has complained in the Garneton local court that her husband denies her conjugal rights saying they are not compatible sexually.
Justina Mwila, 35, who has been dragged to court for divorce by her husband Miami Mwila, told senior court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu she has been sexually starved for two years because he does not enjoy sexual relations with her.
“My husband hates making love to me. He is always accusing me of entertaining other men. I don’t even know why he has sued for divorce when he is the one who has been denying me my conjugal rights. He has even left our matrimonial home,” she said.
Justina told the court that she got married to Miami in 1998 and that they have five children together. She said bride price was paid.
She told the court that all was well when they got married although Miami had a habit of not giving her money to buy necessities for the home.
Justina said major problems started in 2011 when her husband developed a habit of cooking for himself and would not allow anyone, including their children, to touch his food.
“My husband would eat food alone. He even used to measure food to ensure no one touches his left overs. But in 2013, when I gave birth to our last born child, he stopped touching me saying he did not enjoy making love to me,” she said.
However, Justina begged the court not to dissolve their marriage as she still loved her husband.
But Miami told the court that he was no longer interested in the marriage and thus the court should grant divorce.
The court adjourned the case for judgement.