UPND and Ingombe Ilede-Iron Age Politics



Now that most African countries have introduced multi-party democracy and concurrently multi-party elections. What is to follow is political and democratic consolidation. Africa must now move to define its own political and governance landscape. It should move to stop copying and pasting of ideas from western countries but long to learn from them.

Definition of proper democratic schools or thought for the new generation ought to be promoted. Current political leaders should give hope to up coming young leaders. This however is not coming to pass due to Stone or Iron age type of politics from opposition political parties in most African countries. We have political leaders who are desperate and hungry for power that they will do anything to win. They will kill, make the country difficult to govern or team up with western media organisations to discredit their countries.

I don’t know what to call this behaviour. However I have a term for one of the opposition political party in Zambia, United Party for National Development(UPND). I term this as Ingombe Ilede and Iron Age Politics.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema(HH) and his party are desperate for power that they will do anything to win or get into office. HH knows that 2016 is his last chance. Hence people should be very careful with this Ingombe Ilede political activist. He has been rejected four times and he knows that come next year Zambia will retire him. Bringing his political career which never even started to an end.

One thing people should know is that in most cases opposition parties are shown a lot of sympathy by local and international organisations or western countries . They are seen as the victim and not the creators of hostility or violence. HH knows this. His political aids know this. That is the reason they are promoting and provoking the state or people. All they want is to engage them. Once this is done they will say: “Look the police and the ruling party is arresting us”. In the eyes of the international community they will be seen as victims. In the eyes of our hypocritical Civil Society they will be seen as partners who are suffering for the people.

Hypocritical Civil Society yes. Why do our NGOs only want to add their voice when it has to do with government institutions? When the opposition is involved they are quiet or grow cold feet. They know for sure the blood thirst UPND red army is violent and what do they do they have gone into hiding. TRAITORS!!

If elected HH and his party will even forget about these NGOs- They will be the first to be remove from the face of Zambia. UPND is motivated by the red colour of their party regalia. They will kill and they will crash whoever is going to stand in their way.

HH and UPND will use Southern province, violence and intimidation in order to win. In the event that they did win. People should prepare themselves for the worst. UPND government will make sure they eliminate and crash any form of opposition. If they can have the balls to attack the home village and house of the current Vice President Inonge Wina imagine if they were in power. It will be katende mpela ulubilo (run for your life).

With Southern Province in his pocket what HH is doing is to make sure he wins sympathy from people and create hostility atmospheres in other parts of Zambia so that people vote for him.

People ought to ask themselves some critical questions. Is UPND the only opposition party in Zambia? Why is it that it’s only HH and UPND who are involved in violent activities? The answer is because they are using Ingombe Ilede-Iron Age Politics. People should not say they were not told.

As I said HH knows that for him Southern province is done and dusted. The fact is that PF can turn all towns in Southern Provinces into cities which/that look like New York, London or Cape Town. Provide jobs to all youths, build schools and hospitals for every village and give monthly allowances to children and the old. People there will still vote for HH next year. This is not an opinion it is a fact.

Don’t be surprised to hear that even 14 or 15 year old teenagers are getting registered as voters in Southern Province. Remember the voting age is 18. They will do everything and anything believe me. So wake up Zambia.

Have a fruitful week and remember to register as a voter.

Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba MA
PhD Candidate-Political, Gender and Transnational Studies
International Postgraduate Centre (IPC)