The President was not booed in Livingstone-Chanda

president lungu
president lungu

State House says contrary to the story in the Post that President Edgar Lungu was booed during his visit to Livingstone yesterday, Livingstone residents cheered the Head of State as he motorcade made its way to AVANI Victoria Falls Resort.
Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says State House will to this effect be releasing a video to counter the story in the Post.

Amos Chanda
He says the evidence is already there in the video that people in Livingstone were in fact cheering President Lungu.
Mr. Chanda adds Police were in fact overwhelmed by the number of the cheering Livingstone residents they had to keep away from the road as President Lungu’s motorcade passed through the central business district.
He says if the Post Newspaper is disputing these facts, State House dares the newspaper to produce its own video to counter these facts.
And the presidency says with the exception of the Livingstone story, it will no longer react to any negative article the Post Newspapers publishes on government and President Edgar Lungu.
Mr. Chanda says State House has now concluded that the Post Newspapers publishes incorrect information which has become a norm.
He has told journalists today that this is evidenced by how each time the Post quotes someone criticizing State House; the quoted sources call State House to refute the newspapers’ articles.
Mr. Chanda says this is why State House has resolved not to ever allow itself to be dragged into the alleged falsehoods of the Post Newspaper.



  1. pipo dont even waste time if he was booed or not dont 4get our comrade, may M.H.R.I.P the crowd puller bt after 90min loss… wait 24hrs or 90min will tell

  2. Ba Lungu kuwayawayafye bu president bwakutola nififine even RB it was the same. HH is very popular now here on the copperbelt no wonder pf regime sent thugs to cause confusion

  3. it serves no purpose to debate trivialities. The greatest concern should be our appraisal of the PF government’s performance over the last five years. That should be the criterion that informs our debate. Our assessment of this man and his team is of foremost importance. We should transcend the ‘idolatory’ we often engage in and bring out the yardstick to place judgement on their performance as caretakers of our economy, and as such our welfare. Stemming from what our convictions are about the functioning of a democratic dispensation, we should juxtapose and compare the condition of our country before and after this government took office.It is blatant to see, that beyond our puritanical,bigotted and even tribal inclinations and affinities, a lot has been done wrong in the management of this country and as per the objective character of democracy; we have the right to eject from power those that have failed to improve the welfare of the nation. Lest we forget, that is why they are in those offices. Not for us to argue about their looks, human deficiencies and what have you. Whether this man was booed or not is of no great concern if we do not reflect on the importance of having good leadership and governance. So beyond the sensationalism and childish politicking as someone has rightly put it, we should be all attuned to the great responsibility we have before us as voters, citizens and taxpayers to play our part as the most important stakeholders in this country. We are on the cusp of a cataclysm and we have only one chance to correct it. Introspect wisely!

  4. Jehovah God knows the next president,if u wnt to know him ask God, stop arguing because your arguements wil not Change God’s will.

  5. Let us wait for that day when pipo will cast their vote period. The most liked will emerge as a winner just like what has been happening previously. Mind u there is someone up (the Almighty) He even knows who the next president will be. Imwe bantu sure. And Zambians can talk eish!

  6. It’s not the first time Chimbwimfumu has come out with this fake booeing remember at the stadium when power went off! those of us who right there didn’t hear it,but since him is a Sadist,he heard something else from his Chimbwimfumu newsroom.

    • Just like a blind follower will always vote for a clueless party leader with no political & GRZ CV who’s an Atheist until to his political grave.

    • Ba Emma u ar very right, my salary has bin reduced by half thru this economic downturn. My vote for change will not only be for my benefit, but for my neighbour who is owez coming to ask for financial help from me, my children who needs sku fees n enough food on the table, my frnd who is among th more than 4000 laid off by the mines n in other work places, my frnds and brothers in industrial area who are doing piece works n getting k10 per day, my employer who has to import goods from dubai at almost double the cost, my relations in the village who have sold there maize to FRA but up to now have not received there money which they need to use now to buy more imputs for this season n are also getting those imputs at tripple the price, my sisters n friends who are street vendors and are forced hike there oredy unmarketable goods for them atleast to survive, the street kids who picks his food from bins around town but can’t find any now coz no one seems to any to spare. I believe there is hope in CHANGE, Hope to go FORWARD. My vote is for a better Zambia now and forever.

  7. It’s obvious he was only welcomed by a handful of people…let state house check the pics of hh in mongu yesterday and let them compare to ECL pics and determine whether he was bored or not…

  8. Boood or not, we just need an improvement that’s all ba tourist President mwebo.

    • I hav the video, prime tv showed a video clip and also muvi.. Who do u want 2 cheat

  9. Don’t lie to people,he was booed,loadsheding yadula dollar.Why don’t you show us yhe video where he was welcomed.makaka boza

  10. meanwhile in mongu hh was a darling to the under 12s.people are loosing interest in him here compared to his old days.Bflow had even a huge croud compared to that of hh in mongu which was parkee by the kids.see these photos.

  11. We don’t care wether booed or welcomed…if thez an op on this page just tell him not to com to copper belt we hav lost jobs like hell then he says he wants to com 4 a christmas holiday we’re pipo r upset….poor leadership

  12. All of you listen to me….i stay in livingstine and the chap was booed…why are you trying to comfort yourselves…i challenge ZNBC to show us a video where he was welcomed to a thonderous…ala imwe…people were shouting….dollar
    …..loadshedding…bread yadula…

  13. you see this is why u ar useless! must you respond to all the critics from the media sure? state house yasila che zooonaa

  14. you see this is why u ar useless! must you respond to all the critics from the media sure? state house yasila che zooonaa

  15. We ar in Livingstone and we so it ourselves. Wat is state house saying? Like yu ar telling children sure!any he is old enough he saw for him self. Let him tell us what he saw