I don’t think I would be alive if I was still president – Rupiah

Rupiah Banda
Rupiah Banda

IF I was still president, I don’t think I would be alive now, says former president Rupiah Banda.

And Banda has advised young people who are registering as voters in numbers not to be hateful or emotional as they cast their votes next year.

Banda was speaking in an interview on Wednesday when asked whether he misses being president, given the current economic crisis.

The former president said although he had certain things he would have done to help sort out the economic challenges, he did not miss being head of state, adding that the incumbent would do what is needed for the Zambian people.

“Of course, we have always had the economic crisis in this country. But look at me, how relaxed I am! If I was president, I don’t think I would still be alive now. I would have been tired but I am relaxing and all my friends are there around me,” Banda said.

“Of course, I would have loved to do certain things for the country, but there is a president and he will do what is needed for the Zambian people.”

And Banda said young people should scrutinise the candidates as they cast their vote next year.

“It is so important that in our country, we are registering more and more young people. But I just want to ask the young people also to understand how they are going to cast their vote. They should not be emotional, they should not be hateful and they should not be blind. They must look at the candidates properly and select them in the interest of the Zambian people,” he said.

“Then they will have a nice country; they will be old like me and reach the age of 80, 90 because they have done the right thing.”

Meanwhile, Banda said Zambians should reject violence if they want the country to develop.

“We should all reject violence in our country. We don’t want violence. We want a peaceful country because we can only reach where China has reached by unity and peace and love with other people,” said Banda.

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  1. I would have believed if you sat down with Nevas Mumba and re-organized the party but you wanted to stand unfortunately when things did not go your way, you diverted. I really do not know what you mean when u say relaxing cause you are not. When will you stop being double minded and realize that you you need to stop politicking. Seeing you play politics instead of a roll model is saddening. How you loved traveling wasting our money.