‘UPND to expel Shakafuswa’

Jonas Shakafuswa
Jonas Shakafuswa

JONAS Shakafuswa may be expelled from the UPND for allegedly being treacherous.
Mr Shakafuswa who is Katuba member of Parliament has confirmed his impending expulsion, stating that he had been informed by some members of the party that his days in UPND were numbered.
But UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said Mr Shakafuswa was not facing any disciplinary action and could not be expelled without being heard.
Mr Kakoma said Mr Shakafuswa was a senior member of the UPND management committee and that if there were plans to expel the outspoken Katuba lawmaker, then it was the lower organs of the party that could have started the process.

Mr Shakafuswa’s troubles seem to emanate from an interview he gave the Daily Nation in which he said that he would not be part of a group of politicians who did not offer solutions to the governance of the country for the sake of criticizing those in leadership.
He however said he had information the UPND leadership had already written to him demanding that he exculpates himself over the story that was published in the Daily Nation in which Mr. Shakafuswa claimed that he was on demand and he would win next year’s election.
Mr Shakafusa further told the newspaper that being in opposition did not mean that he should create enemies with those in power and criticize them unreasonably.
He explained that modern politics required wisdom by offering solutions for the people of Zambia to differentiate between those with solutions and those without solutions in the management of the country.
Asked to confirm whether he had already received the disciplinary letter, Mr. Shakafuswa said he had been informed by some members about the impending action against him and that the journalists had been calling him for a comment on the matter.
He said he would not commit himself now to issue a statement until he was officially served with a letter to that effect.
On Tuesday, Mr. Shakafuswa told the Daily Nation that he would retain the Katuba seat next year because the people in the area believed in him and that all political parties in Zambia wanted his signature ahead of next year’s general elections. “The challenges this country is experiencing need concerted efforts and it is us in the opposition to offer credible and responsible checks and balances for the people of Zambia to see the difference we can offer from those in power,” he said.
“I have to be honest with you that all political parties in Zambia want my signature ahead of next year’s general elections because my constituency goes beyond Katuba,” Mr Shakafuswa said.