PF hired the Jerabos to stir violence-GBM

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

UPND’s vice president for administration has called on president
Lungu to ready himself to face the consequences of political violence. And GBM has told Police officers being used
as dogs of violence that they will be held accountable for the individual action.

In a statement to the media, GBM gave a grueling account of how his party members were assaulted by PF and Police assailants at the instigation of Republican president Edgar and Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili.

Here is the full statement:
Scenes like those in Baghdad during the Gulf war almost came to Zambia.

In the continued quest to stop the UPND from exercising their right to meet and interact with the membership and general electorate, Edgar Lungu and Chishimba Kambwili unleashed their dogs on our members attending to party programs at our
offices in Kitwe.

If not enough, the compromised police instead of arresting the known perpetrators, Shi Mumbi, Chile 1, Shawi whose roots are somewhere on the Middle East fired tear gas canisters
in our office and surrounding homes, hurting so many people including pregnant women and children.

The Jerabos who were hired injured a several people some not UPND members. The panga wielding thugs went on rampage until repelled by our vigilant youths who defended
themselves exemplary and had the
thugs retreat as police initially looked
on, only to tear gas the UPND
As if this was not enough, Luanshya
police tried to block us from visiting
our members at our district office but
the residents would not have it and we
managed to complete out program,
when after being harangued by one
Chishimba Kambwili with threats of
transfers and dismissals charged on a
peaceful crowd firing tear gas
indiscimintely in the CBD. What
followed was a hot pursuit of our
entourage by these police firing tear-
gas as we sped out of town through
During our tour of the Coppperbelt it
is evident that Edgar Lungu and his PF
know and the writing is very clear that
your grip on this important electoral
base has slipped and no amount of
political machinations will redeem
you. You are gone hence your
pronouncement through Inonge Wina,
who too has lost direction.
Anyway, let me tell you that your
tricks with Inonge during the PF’s
fiasco of Mulungushi Won’t happen for
The people of Copperbelt have said it
and are saying it loud and clear WE
WANT CHANGE every where we have
This Zambia and its people are bigger
than you and the sooner you realise it
the better. You may entangle yourself
in issues that will haunt not very far
from now.
Ba Chishimba as for you, it is very
evident that the people of the
Copperbelt, Luanshya and Roan
constituency in particular have
rejected you. You will be humiliated
beyond measure because you have
gone beyond selling your soul to the
devil and pitiful.
The police who were part of those
incidents be warned.