I will form a political party if Edgar does not change-Tayali

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

My sister Mwamba Payne Kapema was delighted with my last article but noted that I change like the weather insinuating that I have no principles and I go for anything. I know others have said the same thing. On the contrary I have principles this is why I oppose HH.

I openly declared my support for Edgar because I don’t live in a grey area, it is either am with you or not. I am not a mediocrer and I abhor indecision and complacency. I like to be honest, not hiding in Civil activism while campaigning for ECL like other NGO are doing.

Unfortunately, the attitude I am seeing in many people working with Edgar and in his Govt is not what I expect especially under such economic hardships. I have been interacting with a number of them and they know what I mean.

President Edgar Lungu himself seems not to be in control of his people and ministers, rather the opposite seems more likely. It’s like ECL is scared of these guys because of next year’s election. But I had said it earlier on in one of my articles, that Edgar does not need some of these people around him if he has the support of the masses.

People will vote for Lungu 10 times (Eg Kagame) if he impresses them other than impressing Alexander Chikwanda (sleeping minister), Shamenda (too shabby for positivity), Yaluma (very cunning and pretentious), Kasonde (so detached from the dying sick patient), Kambwili (Incredible Hulk), Given (deceivingly charming) or indeed Papa Corruption whom he has adopted as his political God father.

Edgar Lungu is taking it easy while most of us are apprehensive for what will happen tomorrow. People are already living under harsh conditions but the President doesn’t look like he appreciate the problems. Even when he talks, no real data come out.

Anyway, let me leave it there because I still want to give Edgar the benefit of doubt.

The point I am driving home tonight is that, Edgar need to jerk up if I have to continue with my support for him. I know I only have one vote, but I can multiply it by forming another political party.

Yes I will form another political party if Edgar does not react to the following:

1. We need practical measures for the fiscal consolidation Chikwanda spoke about in his mediocre 2016 Budget. What is suggested in the budget is lukewarm and unmeasurable. For example, let Lungu and his ministers cut his salary and other luxurious.

2. Suspend deputy ministers in the to reduce further govt spending. What are these ministers doing if not just competing with me on picking young girls when they have multiple wives.

The idea of D. Ministers attending cabinet is good but not now, because these guys will finish the little money we have in travels, accommodation and allowances. Anyway just suspend all of them or let them work without pay.

3. Stop attending unnecessary recreational events with so many security and govt officials like what happened in Ndola. It cost us so much money to have you move from State house and spend 90 minutes cheering a game. If you have to go let take maximum two vehicles and 10 security officers. No one would kill Edgar, we are a peaceful Country and we love him.

4. Instead of wasting time listening to Kaizer Zulu’s lies, let Edgar start meeting stakeholders and exchange ideas. Meet the Captains of industries to hear their problems and suggestions. Stop persecuting Mahthani rather use his alleged crookedness to help our economy.

Meet the foreign investors and tell them to stop sending dollars to their Countries for a period of time till we get back on track as a nation. Let them bring in Dollars instead, with a promise that we will treat them well after this economic turbulence depending on how much they bring in.

Offer mine owners some incentives to keep workers on some small salary while things are bad instead of showing that you are mighty on political rallies when you can’t even afford to pay lecturers and students in our universities and colleagues.

Don’t listen to Yaluma’s wobbling ideas that we can run the mines if the investors go when we can’t even distribute fertilizer to our farmers on time and in good quantity. Listen to the mine owners and strike a business deal.

Don’t allow Kambwili to insult my Fr. Chiti and the Grand coalition over the constitution, rather tell Symbyakula to hold a meeting with them immediately. I have my views on the Constitution but you never dismiss people uncouthly like CK did.

Don’t let overzealous self-proclaimed Bishops mislead you on the Tabernacle Church, you will be accused of trying to be a small god, ask Kaunda about that. Engage all mother churches especially my stubborn Arch. Mpundu, that man has made the mighty fall in this Country.

And don’t leave me with Kaizer Zulu, I hate lies and egocentrism. Kaizer doesn’t do politics, talk about guns atleast and helping me at night. Amos tries but he gets overwhelmed, I have to wait for Chilubanama who seems a bit efilyako.

5. Talk to Kalyalya on financial policies because people are being charged in dollars simply because the investor is foreigner. Go to our shopping mails and check how our small scale business people are being abused by their landlords. My beautiful sisters depends on the restaurants, boutiques, cinema halls, etc which are in these mails for their survival and good looks.

6. Liberalism is good but please protect our small businesses to keep jobs. Stop shoprite from sending money before the end of the year otherwise I will ask all ZAMPOST workers to vote for me. Shoprite is already taking away so many businesses in retail because even the First Lady goes Shoprite and never to our local retailers. Let Zoona compete with ZAMPOST.

7. Kick this Joseph Kasonde to visit hospitals like Sata used to do and make sure there are medicines in the Hospitals. If I am getting reports of medicine shortages, in my unpaid office, how can Kasonde say everything is ok.

8. Is it true that Kaingu is a brother to the First lady? His behavior make me think he could be because he does not seem to care about the situation in our universities and colleges. Things are not still stable and it is unfair to blame Hakainde for failure to handle our students and lecturers. HH takes advantage of such weaknesses because he is also a weakly.

9. Shamenda must be retired because really the man is the worst minister followed by Chikwanda due to fatigue. Our workers are being exploited. Shamenda does not know that apart from protecting the conditions of our workers he also has to motivate them to deliver. Anyway, how can he encourage them to deliver when he is a failure himself.

10. Change your attitude yourself Mr. President get busy and think outside the box, you can even invite Sinkamba for a cup of tea and hear about his Dobo theories.

Ignore personal fights with M’membe and Wynter. For Fred fighting with you is business but for you, it is a dent on your political career ati clamping on the media. Let me fight with Fred instead.

Get serious in fighting corruption, bring back Mutembo Nchito instead of paying him and the 3 former Chief Justice for doing nothing. We don’t need to waste money in this manner. RB is already safe let him Mutebo work for him money.

I still have confidence in you but If I don’t see change I will form a party by January 2016 which will allow people to change things themselves. It is not me who will change things but I will create an atmosphere where the people will rule. I can’t trust HH, he is too selfish and clever that is why we can’t follow him on privatization. Besides he is rich already so let him just also help with his business to revamp the economy if indeed he wants to serve this Country. I am not interested in Presidency but change for the people but it is the opposite for HH.


  1. Where are those guyz who caught Masumba, i suspect another victim who has never been 2 sku here…Tayali

  2. Tayali sometimes am at pains to differentiate between you and Muliokela.there is a thin line.

  3. YOU: Tayali , Edigar. Mumbi phiri , davies chama , Fat Albert , you need to be burried together with cholela victims this rain season

  4. Shut up Tayali! You really dont knw what you look for i dont know what yo standing u are unpredictable sometime later pipo will stop taking u seriously you must be gold digger. Today you praise Edgar lungu tomorw you strip him naked, today you praise HH tomorro you talk nasty things Be factual

  5. That’s a point mr tayali he came on the copperbelt nd said all is well bashi mine but thez so much progress in job loses than economically….atase

  6. And you will nem yo party “Condom and Sex united party” ????? Who can even vote for u anyway…!

  7. If u wantform a political party that’s when u will learn a lesson if you think you r a star my friend!