Dandy Crazy assaulted


The Patriotic Front PF has called for the arrest of UPND members who attacked Musician Wesley Chibambo , popularly known as Dandy Crazy , at Natasha Nite Club in Mazabuka where he was scheduled to perform.

Chibambo was attacked and assaulted reportedly in full view of police officers

PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairperson Sunday Chanda says the police should not take long before arresting Chibambo’s attackers because they are well known UPND cadres who were clad in their party UPND regalia on the night of the attack.

Mr Chanda has since called on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to publicly condemn the violence and calm his supporters in Southern Province to abandon what he terms as the Mapatizya formula.

Meanwhile, PF has assured the nation that it shall adhere to President Edgar Lungu’s directive of non-violence, unity and peace-building as they interface political opponents.

This is according to a statement made available to ZNBC News by PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairperson Sunday Chanda.



  1. Losers forever your hearts 💕 are like those of crocodiles 🐊 and you should always vote for your selves don’t expect votes from some where else . Bitter people indeed. 2016 ni #KOLOPA.COM

    • Do you, with your senses encourage dandy, with a big name in Zambia, to call Tongas chickens? Show me your mind.

    • He was wrong, but they don’t have to try killing somebody. Haven’t you made a mistake before?

  2. This is the same crazy boy who called Tonga people chickens. How can he go and perform to chickens? It was a well deserved beating he received.

  3. Y did he go to the poultry where chickens are found.Hahahaha they should have cut off his tongue.

  4. Come to kitwe ba HH,remember what happened at Moba….lol,we are waiting for you mr upnd president

  5. Job well done. This is nt jerabo unity iwe chi ganja boi. At least they unblocked his brian which was blocked by cannabis. Its global even in barotse its happening.

  6. He should not be going anywhere beyond kafue bridge. He is luck he was not killed. I am also looking forward to beating him. He is a fool. How do u perform to chikens?

  7. if u tongaz dont want other tribes in yo region then u ar fools nt bcoz u support hh bt becoz u ar encouraging tribalism.dont thnk u wil die there,one day u wil visit other regions where other tribes live,u wil be beaten.watch wat u do!!!

    • the issue was not about tribe but he insultd tongas.do u think chicken is better than u and yo family?

  8. Just tearing his cheap t-shirt was not enough. They should have beaten his useless brains out.He is very foolish.

  9. they shud have cut off his right hand am disappointed with my brothers this man called us chickens.

  10. when HH was attacked on several ocassions no arrest was done. Now coz this so called crazy boy supports paya farmer, evry one z crying.

  11. atase u idiots what would you hav done if he insulted your land and goes there without even a simple apology you talking of war bring it own lets see who will have the final say infact mulekokola saana

  12. Very bad ,pilato is able to sing any where but pipo respect his views and opinions but why dandy is this the government we want?.mwandi agani ifi ninshi ikaba ni masacre tukapwa ngatawaba mu tribe yaba president.

  13. In view of police officers! Kanshi picture niba Edger. Let him regards for other people. As a popular musician, he should have not gone political. Sorry for what happened to him. A lesson to the would be musicians.

  14. Why can’t other tribes learn da ethical behaviors from Easteners, Easten province is da land of piece No tribalism, no violet, we don’t vote 4 our tribal mate BUT we go 4 a good leaders.

  15. He insulted tongas wat else do u expect them to do, he deservd it. The tongas did that not the UPND get me right useless cadres…

  16. One zambia one nation .(enter marriage).our moto shld work .u zambians y fightng?

  17. no one will even put up yo flag on their FB pictures when u r finished massacaring yoselves.”our territory” realy…stiff necked fools!!!!!

  18. For us we will fight them in the ballot box ma tonga ni ma problems even were are work same behavior

  19. For us we will fight them in the ballot box ma tonga ni ma problems even were are work same behavior

  20. Balimucita bwino sana takwata amano,what was he doing to pipo he called chicken.Nga alikumanina mubongo bwakwe nga taileko.

  21. Dandy crazy deserve it not becoz he support PF but what he said against Tongas,kwashala Chama nayena.

  22. And few weeks ago B flow’s car was stoned in mongu,,, i smell trouble somewhere

  23. Mwale katongo u are very wright aba bantu babi!mmmmm awe mwandi hetrate at its best,too biter.

    • No all tongas are bad just like not all bembas,lozis,easterners are good. Sometimes get to know people on your own not on hear says alone

  24. no arrest should do be made y? who doesn’t know Tonga’s u think u can go to the TONGA land and come out alive I don’t think so and u support PF to me Tonga’s have declared war with the JELABO AND BEMBA’s

    • I thought so I thought so I’m sorry bt that’s hw u pipo are who doesn’t know even dogs knows who u are so y insulting how not insult back coz if I do u will not sleep

    • 4 me tongas ar my frnds.tht fool deserves 2 b beaten.hw cn u tel yo fellows human beings tht beta 2 b a chicken thn being tonga.is he normal 2 go n perform 2 perform 2 pipo who ar worser thn chickens?

    • but beating him was not goings to solve anything that was a show WT they should hav done was not to go to the show that’s all my brother if u really read the bible u will know wt I’m talking to pliz a fool it is better to keep Zee my brother

    • emmah how do you feel when whites call blacks monkeys, the same we felt when your hero called us chicken. get the fact on your on don’t follow what other people say

    • malama maybe I should put it this way same of u are gud I have friend is name is Sialute siabulongo he is not in that cage of Trible line same pipo accused dandy of being a Stanic So malama what I’m Trying to say let us be brothers I know maybe my writing was Not ok but that is how pipo think abt u pipo luk at what milimo Has written u can see that he is reasoning and he understand things .

  25. How would Dandy go to dance for chickens? Chickens taught him a lesson. Let him start performing for people now.

  26. You think we forget easily like the chicken u r????? Dandy declared war the moment he issued that statement n u ll never enter n leave our territory freely. He thot his statement was lightly received!!!!!