Sylvia Masebo raises point of order on G9 computer exam mishap


Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini  has directed Minister of General Education John Phiri  to issue a ministerial statement to the house on yesterday’s grade nine examinations that saw pupils do their computer practical’s at awkward hours.

The directive was given after a point of order raised by Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo.

Ms Masebo  raised on a point of demanding an explanation from government on why some pupils were forced to do computer practical’s from yesterday up to this morning because of  lack of computers in schools.

She said other pupils had to walk long distances to other schools in order to access computers for the examinations.

In his ruling, Dr Matibini  directed the line minister to issue a ministerial statement in the house at an appropriate time.

Meanwhile Local Government Minister Stephen Kampyongo says councils must generate enough revenue to meet their own expenditures.

Mr Kampyongo  says it is not the responsibility of government to provide vehicles and other equipment for councils.

He  however, says government will procure vehicle for the new districts and provide funds until they have a stable income.

Mr Kampyongo said this in Parliament  when he was responding to Chembe MP Mwansa Mbulakulima who wanted to know when government will provide a vehicle for Milenge district council.




  1. She Is A Wrong Greedy Politician 2 Comment On This Matter.She Is In Fact Part Of The Current Problem.

  2. Zambia is never short of resources, Masebo knows better why them Politicians can’t equitably distribute these resources. They choose to segment the economies of Zambians by poor distribution of the so called resources in order to make others worship them. Its a shame that Masebo raised such an unorderly point and calls it ‘point of order’. Where is the order????

  3. but de thngs u do aweeee sure hw cn u introduce such a subjct computer knwing u dnt v enough resourcz ….punishn innocent souls stayn hungr at thr schoolz knckn off late sm slipn n xulz….wch is nt gud

    • was she in grz when this so called IT thing was introduced? don’t jst hate someone for the word hate. let’s learn to gv praise when due. the madam is sport on to question this mishap.

    • In Eastern We Say Muluzyu Wa Agalu Ni Umozi. If She Was In A G R Z Car Today Quitness Was Going To Be Her Say. If U Think I Hate Her Then U R Wrong. I Dont Lyk Pipo Who Shout 4 The Sake Of Wanting Attention.

  4. The children in rural schools had no computers on which to learn or be tested on for new IT curriculum!