I am doing just fine, Colonel Banda speaks from UTH

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UTH says Lusaka laywer Colonel Paul Banda, who allegedly shot his wife dead last week, is out of danger and may soon be discharged from hospital. Col Banda was yesterday found chatting with some people who had gone to visit him. In an interview, Col Banda said he was doing fine and that he had recovered. Col Banda allegedly shot dead Vivian, his wife of 35 years, after a dispute last Tuesday, and was severely beaten by his son Paul Jr after the incident, leaving him hospitalised. Asked what happened on the fateful night, Col Banda said: “You mean what happened to the mother? That issue was resolved…it was resolved.” Before he could be asked further questions, Col Banda said: “I have just woken up and I am supposed to have my bath now. I don’t think it will be necessary for you to wait for me.” UTH public relations manager Mwenya Mulenga said Col Banda was stable and out of danger. Mulenga said the hospital would carry out further tests before he is discharged.


On Saturday, police spokesperson Charity Munganga-Chanda said Col Banda was under arrest. She said the fact that Col Banda was handcuffed to his hospital bed and under guard meant that he was already in police custody. “The case is already on. Actually there is a docket already. The fact that he is not well…every suspect is entitled to medical attention. So right now, he is receiving medical attention. The fact that he is handcuffed and under guard means that he is already in our custody,” said Chanda.

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