Jerabos in hot soup

chingola jerabo

AN ASSISTANT accountant at Lunga Resource Limited has testified how he learnt that Terry Kayamba, the man who was stabbed in the buttocks four times, had been robbed of the K7,000 he had given him by two Kitwe copper dealers commonly known as jerabos.
This is in a matter in which Simeon Kalobo, 29, and Geoffrey Venda, 26, both of Kitwe, are facing one count of aggravated robbery.
Tiza Sakala, 30, testified before Kitwe High Court judge Timothy Katenekwa that on the material day, he issued K4,000 to Kayamba, a security guard, and his colleague, which was meant to be used during their operation at slung dump site commonly known as ‘Black Mountain’.
Particulars of the offence are that Kalobo and Venda on August 10, 2015 this year, in Kitwe, while armed with an offensive weapon, stole K7,000 cash from Kayamba.


Mr Sakala said on the same day, he also gave Kayamba K2,800, which was his salary.
“On the material day, I recall issuing K4,000 to Kayamba and his colleague, and K2,800, which was his [Kayamba’s] salary, but I later learnt that he was attacked and robbed of the money,” he said.
Justice Katenekwa adjourned the matter to November 25 for ruling.
And a magistrate’s court in Chingola has sentenced a 23-year-old man to one year imprisonment with hard labour for stealing two steel pipes valued at K35, property of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), CHINOYI CHIPULU reports from Chingola.
Magistrate Lomuti Mtonga convicted Kelly Mapoma of house number 16 Mukowe road, Chiwempala, Chingola after he pleaded guilty to the offence.
“I have heard your mitigation and that you are a first offender, but cases of theft are increasing in the district and we will not treat offenders with kids’ gloves. It is worrying that many youths are coming into conflict with the law instead of concentrating on their studies,” he said.
Mr Mtonga said the court would punish Mapoma so that he could a better citizen and become an example for others to learn that stealing is not good.
Before he was sentenced ,Mapoma asked the court to exercise leniency on him because he had learnt a lesson and that he had impregnated a girl.
“Your honour, I am asking for leniency because I have learnt a lesson while in custody and I have impregnated a girl hence I should take full responsibility,” he said.
Facts before the court are that on October 25 this year, mine police officers were on duty when they were alerted that people were stealing in KCM premises.
The court heard that the officers managed to apprehend Mapoma while his accomplices ran away.
The court has also sentenced a 37-year-old man to three months imprisonment with hard labour for insulting his sister.
Akufuna Akufuna of 990 Kanjala Close, Riverside, Chingola, was found guilty of one count of using unpalatable language.
He insulted Simasiku Akufuka, his sister, on August 26 this year.