Teen ‘marries’ grade 4 pupil

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POLICE in Nakonde have arrested an 18-year-old of Ntindi Village for allegedly abducting a 15-year-old girl of the same area.
Muchinga Province commissioner of police Auxensio Daka said in an interview yesterday that the incident happened last Friday around 19:00 hours in Ntindi village.
Mr Daka said the girl, who is a Grade 4 pupil in Nakonde, went missing from home but with the help of some members of public, her parents found her at the teenager’s home.
He said the girl, however, refused to return to her parents’ home and insisted that she wanted to ‘tie the knot’ with her teenage lover.

He said the incident was reported to police on Sunday by the girl’s parents.
“The teenager eloped with the girl and they stayed together for some days. When the parents went to fetch the girl from the teenager’s house, she refused to go with them saying she wanted to get married to the teenager,” Mr Daka said.