People expect change from PF after prayers – Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti

People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says the people of Zambia are expecting a change in the way the Patriotic Front’s governance system after the prayer and fasting the nation held on Sunday.
Mr. Mulongoti says declaration of 18th October as a national day of prayer will only have true meaning if the PF government begins to walk the talk or it will be a mere public holiday.


He notes that the PF should now be careful with how they conduct themselves and be mindful of the language to use as all eyes of the Zambian people will be on them.
Mr Mulongoti adds that if the declared day of prayer is to be observed by Zambians in future, the PF has to between now and 18th October, 2016 demonstrate true Christian values so as to give people reasons to observe it.