I helplessly watched my sister being raped by our uncle

child abuse

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl of Livingstone has narrated how she helplessly watched her older sister being defiled by their uncle who entered the bedroom where they were sleeping.
This is in a case in which Philip Phiri, 26, of Livingstone’s Dambwa township charged with defilement contrary to the laws of Zambia appeared before magistrate Michael Mulalelo.
It is alleged that on July 19 this year, Phiri defiled the girl.
Testifying in court, the victim’s sister said it was in the night when she was sleeping with her and two other siblings on one bed.
The juvenile witness told the court that the children heard a knock and the victim went to open the door only to find that it was their uncle Phiri.
She told the court that Phiri entered the room and asked the children if his wife, who was the children’s aunt, was home and in response the victim said the woman was not home.

“He quickly got onto the bed and started fondling my sister. She wanted to shout for help but Uncle Philip [accused] threatened to stab her with a knife,” she said.
The girl explained that after Phiri finished what he was doing to her sister, he ran away and that is when the victim called for help.
She said their grandparents rushed to the children’s room and that was how it was discovered that her sister had been defiled.
The trial continues.