Govt order FAZ probe

FAZ:MTN Super League Awards Ceremony, Vincent Mwale giving a speech - Photo Credit Jean Mandela -
Vincent Mwale Photo Credit Jean Mandela -

Government has directed the National Sports Council of Zambia -NSCZ- to look into the controversy surrounding this Saturday’s Football Association of Zambia -FAZ- reconvened Annual General Meeting -AGM.

Sports Minister, Vincent Mwale says the sports council should also communicate its findings to the parties aggrieved before the AGM.

The Minister has explained that the directive follows his receipt of a letter from Football Administrator, Simaata Simaata, who raised alleged illegalities about the AGM.


Mwale has explained that he has since directed the sports council to look into the issues raised, before the AGM is held.

He has added that it is the duty of the sports council to look into issues raised by its members.

And Former FAZ Committee member, Marcha Chilemena says the Saturday AGM is illegal and should not be allowed to proceed.

Chilemena has said the motion being tabled was rejected and therefore cannot be tabled again as there is no mover of the motion.