Close tarvens on Oct 18


A clergyman has called for the temporary closure of bars, taverns and bottle stores on the October18 , a day that President Edgar Lungu has dedicated to national prayer and fasting.

Presence of God Ministries International Senior Pastor, Apostle Christopher Kunda says the declaration of the day of fasting and prayer should be characterized by wholesome behavior.He says the day should Not be marred by conduct likely to shame its significance.


Apostle Kunda is calling on the ministry of local government to ensure that a provision is made on the day, for the closure of taverns and bars, to ensure that there is no mockery to the activity of prayer and worship.

Mr. Kunda adds that police must also be on the alert and ensure that they patrol communities in order to allow for an environment of sanity to prevail.

He said this in an interview with ZNBC TV2 in Lusaka .



  1. That pastor will be arrested does he know that the person initiating this programme is coming drunk

  2. closing is okey even for the whole day.they just lock us inside as long as drinking is going on.ask council police,they failed.

  3. tell them and let a provision be put in place to ensure no one smokes and does prostitution on that day, in fact no one shud steal or insult on that day! don’t jst target one grup, they ar not the only sinners!

  4. whatever prophency you received you must b died scared?but do it for your self and your family boi