Kitwe pastors pray for battered kwacha

Kwacha Dollar Lusakavoice
Kwacha Dollar Lusakavoice

SOME Kitwe pastors on Wednesday gathered at Oasis of Love Ministries Church to pray and prophesy that the rapidly depreciating kwacha gains value against major convertible currencies. And district commissioner Chanda Kabwe says the Church has an obligation to ‘constructively’ rebuke leaders if things are not going well in the nation. About 50 pastors gathered under the auspices of the Kitwe Pastors’ Fellowship and asked God to intervene and make the free-falling local currency gain value. During the prayer session, each pastor was asked to produce any kwacha note they had on them, raise the notes in the air whilst praying that the currency should gain value. Some of the pastors prayed in tongues while others prophesied that the kwacha must gain value within three months. Later the kwacha notes were collected and taken to the altar where some senior pastors continued praying over them.

“Let us all get our kwacha notes and pray for this money so that it gains value. We should pray that the kwacha gains the much-needed strength against other convertible international currencies,” Pastor Kautemba Phiri said during the prayers. Addressing the pastors after the prayers, Kabwe, who had been part of the prayer session, said clergymen had a right to rebuke the government when things were not done correctly. He said pastors need to offer solutions and guidance especially when the country was facing various economic challenges. “We all know that things are not well and that is the reason as government we want unity. We want the Church to help us pray and also offer the much-needed guidance where possible. We want the Church to rebuke us and correct us during this time. The Church must show the way as we do our best as government to correct the economic situation,” Kabwe said. However, Kabwe said the increasing number of ‘fake prophets’ in the nation was damaging the image of the Church and he urged the Church to start rebuking such prophets and pray for them.

“Everyone is a prophet now. Today, everyone is an anointed prophet. Where is this coming from? Fake prophets and pastors will not be allowed to damage the image of the Church. We are asking the Church to rebuke and start praying for these fake pastors. They are cursing this land with their fake miracles,” said Kabwe. “We must expose all the evil things happening in Kitwe, they are the same crooks who are raping young girls. Let us just arrest them and move them out of our society.” Meanwhile, Pastor Charles Mazala also said the issue of false prophets was a serious concern to the Church. “The issue of false prophets is denting the image of God. We are tired of these negative stories about us, the pastors through some false prophets. So we call upon the government to partner with us as well in dealing with these issues of false prophets,” he said.

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