I’ll not reconcile with drunkard wife’

Divorce Court

A POLYGAMOUS man of Kitwe has refused to reconcile with his first wife because she is a drunkard who contracted Syphilis from her clubbing lifestyle.
Davis Mushanga who appeared in the Buchi local court said he can no longer tolerate his wife Margaret’s behaviour of frequenting bars and night clubs.
He urged local court senior magistrate Elizabeth Banda to counsel Margaret because he is not willing to reconcile with her if she does not change her behaviour.
Davis was in court after his wife Margaret sued him for marriage reconciliation. The couple got married in 2002 and have three children together.
Davis in his statement told the court in the early stages of their marriage all was well until Margaret developed a habit of drinking beer.
“She even had a miscarriage and contracted syphilis because of her lifestyle. I took her back to her parent’s home when she was diagnosed with syphilis but I forgave her and we reconciled,” he said.
Davis said he thought Margaret would have reformed during the time he took her back to her parents’ place only to discover that her behaviour had worsened.
“She just became a drunkard. It got so bad that she would sometimes vomit in the food. She also completely neglected our baby because of her drinking sprees,” he said.
Davis told the court that Margaret’s behaviour was the reason he decided to marry another woman to help him take care of his children.
But Margaret complained that her husband turned her into a punching bag three months after the couple tied the knot.
“He is also in a habit of not leaving any money for food at home.
Passing judgement, the court advised Margaret to take time to think about whether or not she wanted to stay in a polygamous marriage before the court could pass judgement.

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