Ferrying of cadres banned

Inonge Wina has called for the National Council to convene immediately.
Inonge Wina

Acting President Inonge Wina has banned the influx of political cadres from outside areas into constituencies holding elections.

Ms Wina has directed police to deal sternly with cadres who travel to constituencies holding by elections.

The Acting President says cadres who are mostly from major political parties are in the habit of fanning violence and disrupting peace.

Ms Wina has directed police in Kasama to ensure that no-one is allowed to promote unruly behavior pending court determination on the anticipated Parliamentary by election in Kasama Central.


This is contained in a statement issued to ZNBC News by Ms Wina’s senior private secretary Ambassador Sheila Siwela.

Incidents of violence have been blamed on the ferrying of political cadres from Lusaka to the areas of contest.

And PF Publicity Committee Member Benjamin Siwila says UPND should not celebrate the victory in Solwezi West because the election was marred with violence.

He has accused UPND of being violent and ignored police advise not to hold rallies in many areas hence getting into conflict with police and PF.

Mr Siwila also said UPND Secretary General Steven Katuta statement that violence was perpetrated by PF is not true.

He said the violence that characterised the Solwezi West elections were mainly because of the UPND who did not want PF members to campaign in Solwezi West.

Mr Siwila says the desperation exhibited by UPND to win the Solwezi West seat elections has the potential to put the country on fire.



  1. This is a very good move how we pray it can b adheared to by the ruring PF as well, coz this can even reduce the violence which has been experienced in politics since EL became president.