Luonde is using the name of a ‘priest’ illegally-Kambwili

Father Richard Luonde
Father Richard Luonde

CHIEF Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has charged that former Anglican priest Richard Luonde has no moral right to lecture on leadership because he was sacked by his church for failing to lead.
Mr Kambwili who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said the leaders in Government have demonstrated their commitment to serve the Zambian people contrary to Father Luonde’s observations.
The former Anglican priest was quoted in yesterday’s edition of The Post newspaper saying that the Patriotic Front (PF) leaders were working for their own pockets and not for the ordinary Zambians.
The controversial clergyman recently lost his case in the Ndola Industrial Court after suing the church for wrongful dismissal in August last year.
His dismissal came amid complaints from irate congregants who had locked him out of his office at St Peter’s Anglican Church in Kitwe after accusing him of dividing the flock with his political statements.


Mr Kambwili said in an interview that Fr Luonde worked for his pockets and not for his church members when he served as St Peter’s Anglican Church priest-in-charge but warned that the PF was not like him.
The Minister accused Fr Luonde of being a ‘vuvuzela’ of The Post as well as the Rainbow Party and asked him to seek deliverance for misleading church members when he was a priest.
“Fr Luonde has been ex-communicated by his church because he worked for his pocket and proved that he is not a leader. Therefore, he has no moral right to talk about leaders in PF or in Government.
“Instead, he should concentrate on mobilising his party the Rainbow Party which has no members ahead of next year’s general elections,” he said.
Mr Kambwili said Fr Luonde should be more worried with the leadership in Rainbow Party and its future after receiving just 200 votes in the party’s first participation in parliamentary elections in Lubansenshi.
He also appealed to well meaning Zambians to pray for the clergyman so that he could realise that he had taken a wrong path.
“He is using the name of a priest illegally because he is not a priest, but a politician, and I want to ask Zambians to pray for him so that he can seek deliverance and go back to the pulpit,” he said.