Referendum to be held alongside the 2016 general elections

President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has reiterated that a referendum will be held alongside the 2016 general elections.


The President says this is in order to address contentious clauses contained in the draft constitution.


President Lungu says the referendum Act has been amended in anticipation of the referendum to be held alongside the 2016 general elections.


President Lungu stressed that it is necessary to hold the referendum alongside next year’s general elections as a way of enhancing the chances of the referendum being successful and ensure a cost effective process.


President Lungu said this during the official opening of Parliament on September 18th 2015.


And President Lungu has called for an amendment to the public order Act.


He also reaffirmed government’s commitment to preserve the freedom of expression and association.


President Lungu has since Directed the Minister of Justice to prepare and present a bill to parliament to regulate and protect the right of political parties to freely associate.