Election victory is certain-Lungu

Lungu Kariba dam
Lungu Kariba dam

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is confident that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) will win next year’s general elections due to his leadership style of embracing everyone.
Mr Lungu said a good leader preached oneness, peace and unity and not one that promoted differences and divisions.
The President has since urged the people of Southern Province to vote for a President who does not promote tribalism and one whose aim is to develop the nation.
Mr Lungu challenged the Southerners to vote him out of office if he failed to take development to the area.
“With the purpose of oneness and unity, I am confident that we will win next year’s elections once the date is set,” he said.
The President said this at a rally at Kanzinze grounds in Maamba yesterday.
The Head of State said there was no tribe that was superior to the other as it was possible for anyone from any tribe, including Tonga, to become President.
He pledged to work with the people of Southern Province and urged them to offer solutions so that they too could contribute to the betterment of the country.


“Ndakoomba atubelekele antomwe tusumpule ciisi caa Zambia (Please let’s work together to develop Zambia). Allow me to work because I am the current President, I promise to work with you,” he said.
President Lungu said his party believed in oneness and the uniting motto, saying those promoting tribalism at the expense of gaining political mileage were headed for doom.
The President also called on people in the province to register in number as voters.
Meanwhile, President Lungu said his Government would not be derailed or swayed by political talk as it strives to develop Southern Province.
Mr Lungu said such talk was aimed at causing divisions in the country.
President Lungu further praised the people of Southern Province for according him a thunderous welcome yesterday when he visited the area.
He said he was greatly humbled by the people’s joyous welcome which he described as a mark of love.
Mr Lungu made the remarks at Sinazeze Primary School when he met five chiefs from Southern Province before commissioning the Bottom Road Lot Two.
“Ndalumba maniingi kunditambula (Thank you so much for welcoming me), I am greatly humbled. This welcome shows love, thank you so much,” President Lungu said.
Mr Lungu told chiefs Mukuni, Chipepo, Sinazongwe, Singani and Simaamba that he was not voted as President to enrich himself or eat well but to ensure that he promoted peace, unity and foster development countrywide.
He said Southern Province was in two parts, one developed and that it was his desire to ensure that all parts were developed.
“My desire is to ensure that the motto ‘One Zambia One Nation’ pays to all, including you people here in Southern Province. I reiterate as a humble servant, I will not be swayed by political debates,” he said.
Chief Singini, who was speaking on behalf of other chiefs, praised President Lungu for visiting Southern Province and urged him to come up with a programme to visit the entire province.
“Your second coming entails you think about the people of Southern Province. You are our son, do not fear to visit the entire province. We welcome you with both hands,” Chief Singini said.
He also applauded Mr Lungu for appointing Richwell Siamunene Defence Minister as it was an indication that his leadership was anchored on unity.
“You please continue with your style of leadership of bringing unity. The launch of the Bottom Road is one which has shown us your love, the others (politicians) were just promising,” Chief Singini said.
He urged Mr Lungu to ensure that his Government provided relief food to many parts of Southern Province as many districts did not perform well during the last farming season.