We have had three people sneaking to the presidency – Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti

Former Minister under MMD government Mike Mulongoti has said that the democratic system in Zambia is so porous that even people who don’t qualify asscend to the presidency.


Mulongoti says so far Zambia has had three presidents who sneaked through to the presidency saying if there was a strict screen process the three could not have made it to the presidency.

He did not mention the names of the three. Zambia has had six presidents.

Mulongoti narrated that one of the candidates did not even properly complete his filing in of nomination papers but still ended up being republican president.

He said there is need to strict screen the people aspiring to be president.

Mulongoti said Edgar Lungu was not even subjected to a debate to explain to the country how he was to govern. He said despite him having said that he had no vision for the country he ended up being president.

He said President Lungu is not addressing the nation through a press conference so he could be questioned.

Mulongoti who is People’s Party president said the country was now in a mess because the PF has no capacity to govern.

He was speaking when h featured on Let the People Talk programme on Radio Phoenix on Friday.


  1. Try to sneak into man! They don’t, people, Zambians vote. Stop insulting the voters.