Lusaka High Court

A Lusaka housewife told a local court that her husband calls her a prostitute and tells people each time he shaves her pubic hair.
Memory Chindungu, 41, was testifying in a case in which she has sued her husband Lloyd Ngoma , 52,an ex-soldier for divorce because of endless insults.


Chindungu told Senior Court Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting with Magistrates Daniel Phiri and Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that the two eloped while in Kaoma where Ngoma was employed as a soldier.
She explained that Ngoma insulted both her and her parents and that at one time she reported him to his superiors in the hope that things would improve.



“Ngoma insults me in public and sometimes he insults me in the presence of my children. He brings bedroom issues in public because he would tell people whenever he shaves my pubic hair,” said Chindungu.
Chindungu said that in 2005 they moved to Lusaka but Ngoma did not change because he would not only insult her but he also became physical.


“In July when I went to order rice in Western Province he phoned my mother and told her that I was a prostitute and that I should not go back to the matrimonial home,” said Chindungu.
The two got married in 1999 and have four children. Dowry was paid.


In defence, Ngoma asked for forgiveness from Chindungu and explained that the major problem was misunderstanding between the two.
In cross-examination, Ngoma said that both loved insulting each other.
He said that he once attempted suicide because of the way Chindungu treated him.
Asked by the court if he won’t commit suicide should Chindungu divorce him, Ngoma said he would because there was no one to keep him.


Ngoma went to ask Chindungu to forgive him by kneeling before her after the court asked him to do so, but Chindungu refused to accept his apology.
Magistrate Nyendwa granted the couple divorce ordering Ngoma to compensate Chindungu with K6,000 with initial payment of K600 followed by monthly instalments of K300 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K300 per month. Property acquired together to be shared equally.