Matero police officer’s wife caught pants down, admits to cheating

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A woman caused laughter in a Lusaka Local Court when she admitted committing adultery because her husband denied her conjugal rights.


Bridget Mushibashi,26, of Matero compound, a secretary at an engineering company admitted committing adultery with Gibson Banda, 36, of the same compound, a worker at Saro Company.


She was testifying in a case in which her husband, Kachana Kalimukwa, 33, a police officer of Matero Police camp house number 32 sued Banda for committing adultery with his wife.
Kalimukwa told Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Magistrate Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that he knew Banda on a Friday last week when he found him with his wife between 20.00 and 22.00 hours.


He said that differences with his wife, Bridget started last year in June because she suddenly lost respect, and denied him sex. She slept in clothes and was always nagging.
Kalimukwa explained that on April 21, Bridget got furious when he greeted a female neighbour and packed her belongings after they shared property including relish from the fridge.
He said one day at around 21.00 hours his informants told him that there was a man in Bridget’s house.
He then decided to go Bridget’s house in a company of two fellow officers and a camera man as witnesses.


“When the officers requested Bridget to open the door she resisted but when they threatened to break the door she opened. I found her with a man I later came to know as Banda in bed. We got their clothes and phones,” said Kalimukwa.


Asked by the court why Bridget left him, Kalimukwa said that she left after he greeted the female neighbour.
He also found a message from Bridget to Banda on her phone saying ‘I had no peace from the time we had sex’ which was read in court and dated August 7.
In defence, Banda said that towards the end of July he met Bridget and he proposed love to her after she told him that she is a divorcee. He admitted making love to her once with a condom.
Bridget testified that Kalimukwa chased her from matrimonial home and that Banda was her boyfriend.


She explained that problems started in 2011 when she fell pregnant and was found HIV positive while her husband tested negative.
Asked by the court if she had a divorce certificate, Bridget sent people into laughter when she said : “ndi muntu na ine umulopa uchili uleyenda’ I am human my blood is still flowing. She said she did not have a divorce certificate.


Magistrate Mumba found Banda guilty of adultery and ordered him to compensate Kalimukwa with K16, 000 with initial payment of K1,000 followed by monthly instalments of K500 effective month end of October.