RTSA set to mount speed cameras


The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has intensified plans to mount speed cameras to curb the increasing number of accidents being caused by speeding motorists in the country.
RTSA public relations manager Mercy Mwila said the installation of speed cameras was in the procurement process as the agency was sill sourcing reliable suppliers of cameras, which are meant to contribute on the reduction of road traffic accidents.



“This is something that is in the pipeline, we are still looking at it, and we are still working on it. It is still in the procurement process, meaning that we are still identifying a supplier of cameras. I cannot give an approximation as to when the cameras will come into the country but we are hopeful it will be soon,” she said.


Mrs Mwila said the agency is saddened by the number of lives being lost due to road accidents and would ensure that the camera installation project was completed in good time.
“Once the project starts, cameras will be mounted on highways at traffic lights,” she said. Mrs Mwila said the project was big as it was meant to monitor motorists on the roads, as well as monitor congestion especially in Lusaka. She said the project was not just about prominence but had a lot more to do with technology being installed to monitor motorists on highways. Mrs Mwila also said the public would be informed as soon as the project was completed and unveiled.


She advised pedestrians and motorists to be road conscious and observe speed limits on the road so as prevent avoidable accidents.