Arresting Mucheleka at the heat of electoral campaigns is mere rigging

Patrick Mucheleka
Patrick Mucheleka

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia and Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani to intervene in the matter Police in Luwingu are seeking the arrest of UPND candidate in the Lubansenshi parliamentary by-election Patrick Mucheleka.


FODEP Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi says Mr Mucheleka should be allowed to freely canvass electoral support ahead of the by-election on September 24,2015.
Mr Chipenzi says FODEP is disappointed with the conduct of Zambia Police in Luwingu District who are maneuvering to arrest Mr. Patrick Mucheleka at all cost for allegedly inciting UPND cadres to beat up Luwingu district Commissioner Patrick Chanda who was found campaigning for the ruling party.


He says Mr. Mucheleka is contestant and that arresting him at the heat of electoral campaigns on mere suspicion that he incited his cadres to beat up a stray district commissioner who was allegedly campaigning for ruling party candidate, is election rigging.


Mr Chipenzi says arresting Mr Mucheleka will be a violation of his rights to be voted into office and undermine the credibility of the electoral process, Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and that of the entire Zambia Police Command.