GBM ‘rejects’ UPND

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba has maintained that he is still a member of the Patriotic Front (PF) and has asked the High Court to stop Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini from declaring his seat vacant.


Mr Mwamba said he notified Dr Matibini of cases before the courts regarding his membership to the PF and that the Speaker was legitimately expected to refer any questions relating to the vacancy of the Kasama Central parliamentary seat to the High Court.


“At no particular time did I ever cease to be a member of the PF. I was and still am a member of the Patriotic Front (PF) party,” Mr Mwamba said.


He argued that Dr Matibini has in the past referred the declaration of parliamentary seats as vacant to the courts of the law.
Mr Mwamba argues that his case is distinguishable on grounds that ruling on a point of order was reserved to a known date and that he only filed a petition after the ruling was made.


He said the power to determine matters relating to whether a parliamentary seat is vacant is vested in the High Court.
Mr Mwamba argues that despite the National Assembly having its own procedures, such procedures are subject to the constitution.
Mr Mwamba said the essence of staying the decision by Dr Matibini to declare his seat vacant is to ensure that the judicial process is effective and to maintain the status quo of the parties until determination of the case.


He said the position by Dr Matibini that there is nothing to stay is misconceived as the granting of the stay will ensure that his rights to remain a member of Parliament are not violated or interfered with and render the proceedings nugatory in the event that the case is determined in his favour.


Mr Mwamba also contended that he urgently requires the court to grant him a stay as Dr Matibini has written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to set the dates for a parliamentary by-election for the Kasama Central seat.
“I strongly believe that a greater risk shall lie to my detriment if a stay is not granted as I will suffer irreparable harm and unfair prejudice and the grant of a stay shall maintain the status quo of the parties,” he said.
Mr Mwamba said the stay will avoid irreparable harm as he intends to recontest the Kasama Central seat.


Dr Matibini on July 28 declared the seat vacant on account that Mr Mwamba had joined the UPND, as the constitution does not provide for dual party membership.


  1. GBM is one interesting politician, I like his moves. PF is ignorant, what GBM is implyng is that he’s not a push over. He can be in UPND where all can see and still maintain his PF membership. PF should feel mocked on this one but they choose to interpret it the other way round. PF foolishness will never cease.

  2. that’s wat politics is all about, u still instead u are right wen u know u are wrong, which is similar to pf they. know they have failed to govern but they can’t admit that they have failed. its all politics

  3. What is he fearing..I remember he said he can win even if the elections where today..kkk

  4. Mambala…kosafye boi. Ninshi uletina ati abena Sampa balageta ka seat kobe? Manje show us your muscles coz ulaimona ukukosa. Witina we want to see how you will loose so that ukamweneko! SAMPA of the PF we’re behind you!

  5. So what’s the response of the president – HH coz GBM was told to resign from PF by the late Michael for making decision without consulting his superior ! This Z 1 such case! I doubt if this statement had blessing from HH

  6. #politics ma guy.. tefintu!! so long GBM z da vice president BA UPND u will never Win!!

  7. How come – Nway – this is good drama! I need pop corns to watch this movie called GBM – @ the crossroads! 1st this man resigned from PF when Michael was alive – so he can’t praise Michael! Y cling to PF?

  8. we are all chirdren of God. these people are doing this becouse they are rich but must we suffer. come on Zambians, GBM is like any other person so why should he matter the most ending making us quallow and have some misunderstandings. God loves us all. let them be and let us focus on our deeds to enter the kingdom of God.

  9. Forgive him in a new constitution there is a clause of DUAL party membership,if hh doesnt perform ,he goes to pf. Just like that.

  10. Here i don’t hv 2 blame Gbm i hv 2 blame HH he is also listening tht he is stil a pf member while these days thr alwaz 2gatha foolish ka HH

  11. Can you hear that, this guy is an idiot. He claims to be a PF member and the vice president of UPND at the same time. Doesn’t he understand the constitution of Zambia? Or can’t his fellow idiots help him understand that our constitution despite give us the freedom of association, it does not permit us to belong to two political parties at the same time.

  12. I thnk GBM is a coward. Y does he want 2fo under 2umbrelas, if he realy blivs kasama Cntral is 4upnd y wasting time wth taking ths isue 2court. We want 2c de election results and judge finally hu de tycoon is fulstop.

  13. we don’t want undicided leaders this is total madness ba G.B.M ,jst tell pipo the truth boi.

  14. Blue lie,infact am unliking u for dat(-1) he was interviewed LIVE on radio 2days ago and 2de mutubepe ba sakalanyongo.

  15. Ba GBM the government has not even started, you are there complaining just wait for them.

  16. The UPND are the ones who can settle the matter once and for all. They should tell the public if their constitution allow and one from another party to hold positions in their party. Period. If not let the tell GBM to choose between the two parties.

  17. These are leaders who don’t want peace in the country … First is a confused gangster n enjoying madness.. Ati ba president ICHIKOPO

  18. Let me get this street today he says he’s winning the election and the next he claims he still PF… Zambian politics chee

  19. we dnt nid u gbm u r nt our member en mo period.he knws dat pf z ze winning party 4 2016

  20. One fact still stands; with or without GBM….. Zambia will move forward, come next year.

  21. Pliz gbm re consider your move to stop declaration of kasama central seat vacant am left wodering maybe it just a rumour

  22. ba gbm, do u want a professor of law to come and xplain wen a grade 7 can understnd, come on jst accept that u r out of da systm

  23. I now belive dat GBM thinks using his Stomach dis man is a BIG Fool real Upnd must b wary of dis Man he is Undecided.

  24. Ati Bushe walipena ? Ati awe shaishiba nganalipena or ndwalafye umutima .ati Nomba we mwine uimona Shani ? Ati nganalolesha mu mirror njimonafye bwino but teti nande nganalipena pantu abantu ebamona elo banjeba

  25. My dear GBM,whether you resigned from PF or not,just by virtue of accepting and holding the position of UPND Veepee,you are no longer a PF member but UPND,period!Even the late MCS never formerly resigned from MMD when he formed PF.So what is this academic argument about,as it lacks merit?After all now you’ve seen that its more lucrative to be MP than a shadow veepee!

    • Jst wondering wat type of govt HH and GBM can make, its like they are ignorant abt the republican constitution. Tht is the problem with businessmen they think UPND is a project tht shud give then profits. His case is nw an academic exercise chapwa

  26. This is shit,hw do u say u ar a stil a member of PF when u ar UPND vice presidnt,ths fool is a goon.

  27. They say this man has MONEY but why is he claming to be FP gvt servant? does it mean the court does not see him in UPND meets. Zambians utulo.

  28. Fat Albert!!!!!!!!!!! this man is lacking ink. He doesnt understand issues of politics thats why he is behaving that way. Chimbwi afwile intangalalo you can not have it both ways. hahahahahaha VIVA Kelvin Sampa akuyopa ngako gbm. G back to school money is not everything ma man.

    • Namangolwa you are too young for me so i can not take you wa chepa mwaiche just look after those children you have and work hard to develop Lukulu.

  29. Ba GBM you decided to join UPND and you exercised your democratic right of joining any political party of your choice.Today seem to be regreting your move and now crying..You are a Huge Businessman who cant cry over a petty parliamentalianship.

  30. Evn wen he was appointed as vice president he said he z still a PF member…. thus y the issue z in court so its nt news to some us

  31. One leg in PF anotha in UPND! cum on folk…wat kind of bullshit is dat?…sumtin wrong wit yo brain