RB was a shameless ‘sangwapo’ President – Copperbelt MMD


Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Mr. Denson Chisunka, popularly known as “Macheni Macheni” has slammed Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Member of the Central Committee Mwenya Musenge for suggesting that MMD Party president Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has no control on the MMD and that it is former Republican President Rupiah Banda (RB) who is in charge.


“We in the MMD would wish to loudly declare to Musenge and the entire PF who are living in the past, that RB was never a genuine member nor ever believed in the ideals of MMD from the very beginning. Judging from his recent conduct since his unsuccessful attempt to forcibly get the MMD Party presidency from Dr. Mumba, every right thinking Zambian has realized that the old man was a ‘Sangwapo’ president. He was a shameless chancer who had no heart for the MMD or the country.


“The heartbreaking painful memory ingrained on the people of Zambia is of his clenched fist PF symbol on one hand and the MMD “The Hour” symbol on the other hand, in front of cheering PF supporters that ‘Inkoloko nomba nipa maka’. He thought he had finally finished Nevers Mumba and the MMD, but let him know that his hour of reckoning has finally come,” said Mr. Chisunka.


Mr. Chisunka said that the PF, with all the country’s intelligence machinery at its disposal, has no clue what is actually going on in the whole country, especially on the Copperbelt and the people of Zambia are itching to punish and give the PF the boot after their “donchi kubeba” lies and incredible incompetence as a government.
“The PF should know by now that since the pre-independence days, all political upheavals originate from the Copperbelt, because it is the heart of the country’s economy and this is what the PF Government has destroyed,” said Mr. Chisunka.


He has advised Mr. Musenge to open his eyes and see for himself the rapidly unfolding scenario in the MMD which is engulfing the entire nation like a virus and advised the PF to brace itself for the most crushing and humiliating electoral defeat Zambia has ever witnessed.
Mr. Chisunka used a Bemba adage which says ‘eko usulile ekopa noko’. He said that the PF should start bracing itself for the for the eruption of the MMD volcano which the late President Michael Sata (MHSRIP) prophesied would erupt and consume the PF.


He said all politicians in Zambia know the danger that Dr Mumba poses to their political ambitions and that is why he has been the focus of unwarranted arrests, police harassment, and postings to remote places to limit his influence.
“After destroying the MMD with their endless calls that ‘MMD is dead’, RB and his cohorts moved to PF where they have now settled as they had planned, where they are now ‘eating’ with both hands and have forgotten about the MMD. Yet Dr. Mumba stayed on and has demonstrated to everyone that he has love for the MMD.


“He has stood fearlessly in the face of vicious attacks and imprisonment at the hands of the PF, he fought attempts to de-register the MMD and has weathered one of the most viscous storms ever faced by the MMD. Who can compare to Nevers?” asked Mr. Chisunka.
“As Copperbelt MMD, we announce to Mr. Musenge and PF that the MMD has only one democratically elected President and that is Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba whose leadership was endorsed by the Supreme Court of Zambia on 18th December 2014. We are informing him that the one he is mentioning as being in charge of the MMD and those who have now followed him out of the MMD were wolves that came to the MMD at night in sheepskins to rape, plunder and destroy the MMD for their selfish ambitions.


“These people took the MMD into confusion and division and wanted to reap where the founding fathers of the MMD dream such as Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika, Biggie Nkumbula and others had laboured to bring about the prosperous Zambia we have been enjoying which is being destroyed by the PF.
“These wolves knew nothing of the sacrifice these great men made in the face of the mighty one-party UNIP administration” said Mr. Chisunka. Mr. Chisunka has issued a strong warning to the PF that the game is now up and Nevers has come back as his middle name says to ‘sekwila’ (remove weeds) and pick up from where his elder brothers left off. He said Dr Mumba shall take Zambia from the confusion and poverty that the PF has put Zambia in, back to prosperity.


  1. MMD died a long time ago. I even forgot that we had had at one time the MMD party in our country. Only a dreamer who has no eyes can shamelessly say MMd is still alive. Mr. Chisunka has eyes but he can’t see, though this is right before his eyes but he has refused to see it.