Boy 22, impregnates sister,19

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A 22 year old boy of Maipambe village in Chief Munkanta area in Kawambwa district is alleged to have impregnated her 19 year old cousin sister.

The girl has since given birth to a baby boy who is now two weeks and four days old.

Uncle to the boy, Damiano Maipambe aged 50 confirmed the incident in an
interview with ZANIS in Kawambwa yesterday.

And the girl, Margret Ngosa, told ZANIS that her cousin, Musonda Mwape
started forcing her to have sex with him in December 2014.

Ms Ngosa said her cousin used to enter into the sitting room where she used to sleep in her grandmother’s house and threatened her that he would kill her with a knife if she called for help.

Meanwhile, father to the girl has threatened to take his nephew to court so the law can take its course.

He said there was no way his own nephew can marry her daughter
whom he described as a first cousin to her.

Mr Maipambe said it is sad that his daughter had been impregnated and
given birth while the suspect is pursuing further studies at Copperbelt University when his daughter’s future has been tarnished.

The visibly annoyed man charged that his nephew be sent to
jail because there is no way his immediate younger sister’s son can
marry his daughter.