4 criminals confess to rape & murder

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

Police in Lusaka are holding four people, who have allegedly confessed to committing grievous crimes, such as rape and murder, around the city.

Provincial Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga says the four criminals have confessed to raping and murdering a named woman, killing a man and raping another woman.

She says the four were apprehended last week and are in Police custody.

Meanwhile , Ms Katanga has dispelled reports circulating that there are alot of criminal activities in IBEX Hill and Woodlands areas.

She says Police has recorded cases of sexual assault in woodlands and Ibex hill area , but that must not be taken to be an everyday situation.

Ms Katanga says those attacked in Ibex hill were trailed by criminals.

She has appealed to residents to be security alert as police will continue to conduct patrols.

A Message has been circulating on social media, warning people to be aware of criminal activities in Lusaka’s Ibex and Woodlands area.

Meanwhile, Police in Lusaka have apprehended two Ministry of Mines workers, for conniving with an unknown woman, to swindle a Diplomat of 89-thousand kwacha.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga has confirmed this, and identified the suspects as Brigton Mulenga, age 38 and Lazarous Chongo, aged 44.

Ms Katanga says the two suspects are employed as Gemmologists at the Geological Survey department, under the Ministry of Mines and Water Development.

She has explained that the two are alleged to have altered a certificate, purporting that some fake gemstones taken to them for testing were genuine Tazanite and Emeralds gemstones.

Ms Katanga has added that the said diplomat, only discovered that the gemstones were not genuine, after trying to have them polished at a named hotel.

She says the two have been charged with making and altering false documents.

Mulenga and Chongo will appear in court soon.