President Lungu defends his expensive suits

edgar lungu
I was not that badly dressed even before i became President – Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will increase the maize from price from the announced K70.00 to K75.00.

President Lungu says this is in order to encourage farmers to produce more maize.

Speaking upon arrival from Botswana this afternoon where he had gone to attend the 35th SADC Heads of State and Government summit, President Lungu to journalists that it turned out that only Zambia and Tanzania have excess stocks of grain in the region.


President Lungu says he will ask the treasury to look for more money so that they are able to pay the farmers a rewarding amount to encourage them to do more next year.

He notes that if farmers are not motivated, they will not produce more grain next year which may lead the country into a deficit like the other countries in the region.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says opposition parties arguing that it is not possible to create 500,000 jobs by the end of 2016 are mere critics who want to criticize everything.

President Lungu says Zambians should choose who to listen to as some people criticize and politicize even well meaning things.


And President Lungu says he was not that badly dressed even before he became President.

Commenting on those criticizing his dressing that he is now putting on expensive suits; PRESIDENT Lungu says these are the suits he used to put on before as a lawyer.

And President Lungu says the decision by Cabinet to direct ZESCO to begin charging cost reflective electricity tariffs will help bring in more investors in the energy sector.

He says this will result in enough energy for the mines to operate and new companies to come on board.




  1. Wot pepo r interested in is “did he wear suits US$ 3000 b4????” Or after taking office!!!! Zesco tariff hike… 2 cater 4 mines???? LOL!!!! What about the masses??? Isn’t it time the general standard of life was taken in2 consideration??? Y should I pay higher tariff’s 4 mines 2 benefit, while I have no electricity for 8hrs EVERY SINGLE DAY???