Nawakwi must not talk about morals, she is a husband snatcher

Cosmo Mumba and Wife Martha Mumba
Cosmo Mumba and Wife Martha Mumba

The continued invitation of Edith Nawakwi at women christians fellowship rallies is degrading the morals of the church, says National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba.

Mumba was speaking today at a press briefing held at Ndeke Hotel.

“Nawakwi is not fit to talk about morals because she is a husband snatcher.We are all aware of how she was dragged to court, how a woman was divorced and that man is now husband to Nawakwi”

“Why should we sell a church on a simple donations of K5 000 which president Nawakwi has been going around giving the church whenever she is invited,” he said.

Mumba said the church should not be abused or swallow biblical principles because of the little contributions they are getting from politicians.

Mumba also has called critics of President Edgar Lungu to give him time to perform to peoples’ expectations.

Dr Mumba says people should give President Lungu a chance to deliver and not to be quick to judge him in the few months he has been in power.

He says President Lungu requires support from all Zambians in order for him to fulfil his electoral promises.

Dr Mumba has also advised President Lungu to be weary of some non performing officers who maybe frustrating his efforts of developing the country.


  1. Mr cosmo practicing Double standards? Early this week a politician was being defended and his womanizing was his private business. He was a man

  2. This man has nothing to say, what kind of press stupid briefing is this? this imbecile he is just a cadre ( TULYEMO ) and u can not compare this nonsense idiotic, stupidity cadre to madam Nawakwi leave her alone.

  3. Cosmo Mumba must know that we all commit sin in our lives all the time. But that does not mean we be treated like that forever. The man did not want the other woman so he married Edith as his choice. Should that an issue forever?

  4. Yes she is, She snatched the husband because of the money, the man is mad he followed money

  5. am sure he will soon correct his statements as soon he comes back to his senses for he fainted before say what he said. apology on his behalf as the VP did on the remarks made by Davies Chama on tongas

  6. Whoever follows this dude ( Cosmo ) must be super blind ! The man is so irritating whenever he opens up his mouth , am sure when he was at school he must have belonged mu group 3 !!