Barotse activists deny treason charge, remanded in custody

barotseland royal flag
barotseland royal flag

The four Barotse activists who are charged with treason have denied the charge before the Kabwe High Court.

The four accused persons denied the charge this morning when they took plea before Kabwe High Court Judge in Charge Dominic Sichinga.

They are alleged to have between March 2012 and 12 August 2013, while acting together did prepare and endeavour to have Western Province secede from the rest of the republic of Zambia.

Earlier, the first accused person, Afumba Mombotwa said he could not take plea before the Zambian Court because he is Not Zambian but a native Barotseland.

But Judge Sichinga reminded the accused person to merely take plea because he was not there to address the court.

Mombotwa and his co-accused later took plea, denying the charge.

Security was tight outside the fully packed court room.

The accused persons have been remanded in Mukobeko Prison.

Their lawyer, Humfrey Mweemba from Legal Aid applied for an adjournment to enable him get instructions from his clients.

The matter comes up tomorrow for commencement of trial.