Impossible for PF to return to power – Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba
Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba says it is wishful thinking to predict a Patriotic Front victory in the 2016 general election.
Mr Kabimba says believing that the Patriotic Front will win the 2016 general election is like saying Jesus Christ is coming next week.

He says no matter how much money the PF government will pump in, it is impossible for them to return to power.
Mr. Kabimba tells QFM news that he has enough political experience to read the prevailing political environment in the country.
He says he agree with suggestions that the PF is a one term party.




Rainbow Party :



When the Rainbow Party was formed in December 2014, the Steering Committee took a policy position of non-participation in any local government or parliamentary by-elections until 2016 when presidential and general elections are held in the country. The reasons in support of this policy were:
(i) To allow for the mobilisation of the party country wide.
(ii) To maximise the use of time and financial resources to mobilise the party.
(iii) To build and strengthen the party on the ground.

From January, 2015, to August 2015, 7 parliamentary by-elections have taken place, all of which the PF won. These by-elections were mainly a two-horse race between PF and UPND despite the participation by other political parties like FDD, NAREP, MMD etc. The PF consequently mounted an aggressive propaganda campaign against the Rainbow Party as being a political party which existed only on paper and hence its non –participation in these by-elections to test its popularity. This propaganda was beginning to gain momentum and became a real threat to the Rainbow Party’s mobilisation and recruitment drive, the very reason for non-participation.

When the Bangweulu parliamentary seat fell vacant following the death of Chifita Matafwali, ECZ set 06th August, 2015, as the date for the by-election. This was to be held together with 4 local government by-elections in Kasama, Mambwe and Isoka Districts. The Kapililonga Ward seat fell vacant when Moses Simwanza who was the PF councillor and council chairman joined the Rainbow Party. He applied to re-contest the seat against the Party’s existing non-participation policy.

Although both the party’s National Planning and Finance Committee and the Central Committee were apprehensive about the prospects of participation, it was resolved by the Central Committee that Cde. Simwanza’s application be approved and that similar applications in future be considered on a case-to-case basis. The review of the non-participation policy by the Central Committee at such a time was, therefore, a major and courageous decision by the party. Nobody could predict the outcome of the election except to underline the view that a loss would no doubt demoralise the rank and file of the party and inevitably affect the impetus of the mobilisation programme. The other view held that whichever way the election would go, it would still offer lessons, positive or otherwise on the field practicalities of the mobilisation strategies being designed by the party for use in 2016.

Against what had become the general perception of a PF/UPND two-horse race election pattern since January, 2015, the election in Kapililonga Ward became a race between PF and Rainbow Party instead, with FDD and UPND in the third and fourth position respectively. The Rainbow Party beat PF, scooping the seat with 512 against 446 votes. This was a historic day for the Rainbow Party. There was euphoria within the party across the country and supporters congratulated the party on this momentous victory. The discourse and debate generated on social media went on for days on end as bloggers tried to understand and discern what this election result meant under the existing political landscape and the future of individual political parties as the country drifted towards the 2016 presidential and general elections. For the Rainbow Party and its leadership, one thing was clear, the party was on course and the future held a promise.




  1. The statement is clear! since we knw not wen he is coming and saying his coming next week is been sure of something that 1 can not be sure of “his coming” so is PF we don’t knw wethat they will win or not and we js hav 2 be redy as anything will hapen. so what’s wrong wit dat?

  2. Kabimba,don’t you know that Jesus is delaying to come bcoz of you?you don’t even know him…he’s got heart for you,he’s wanting for you to repent b4 he cums bak bcoz you wil be perished!

  3. U guyz u thnk Jesus nimbuya wanu ka, wen ur tolking shit jast tolk osafakamo mulungu pleas

  4. He’s a Wolve in a Sheep’s skin.hallucinating as usual! and why not ask his colleague at Chimbwimfumu to talk about his dressing as well.he’s never without a T/Shirt inside no matter how neatly he dresses up??

  5. kabimba knows 2 speak that bcoz he wantd 2 vote out in this pf govt but nt kabimba is HH epulogalamu naku kasama efyo twishiibe.

  6. i see y he is a friend of Mmembe… his party is for the gays who are doing un Godly ways.
    this chap is getting a lot of funding from countries promoting homosexuality.
    it wont be long when his funders would want him to be open on gayism n thats when he will appreciate Zambians

  7. I don’t like the idea of mixing Jesus with useless politics. Better keep politics far from the Lord

  8. please don’t put Jesus in your useless politics, find other metaphors you characters, if it was the times of old we would stone you to death for blasphemy

  9. So one can be called a fool coz ur defending the name of jesus.hmm! Mwe wa christ where is ur forgiveness and tolerance? Or ur the direction of! Of! Eh i can not say it

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  13. Mr kabimba dont drag JESUS into politics.js use other manifests not that pliz.coz no one knowz the time he wil come.

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  20. So instead we should believe that the rainbow will win?? Pwahahahaha now that would be the joke of the centuary!!! Its like hearing that a man has given birth…..

  21. Kabimba idiot why putting Jesus in politics? We knw leadership come frm God but not ifyabupuba ulelanda coz no1 knws da day.

  22. don’t blend Godly matters with politics. Do u even read the bible? coz it clearly states his coming no one knows about it even now he might come.