PF government is abusing chiefs – Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

Opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba has expressed concerned that the PF government has continued with its alleged tendency of abusing chiefs in the country.

Dr. Mumba suspects that the PF government is doing so with the view of perpetuating its unpopular agenda.
In an interview by telephone Dr. Mumba has observed that this also explains why there were difficulties in North Province under late President Michael because the PF government was antagonizing royal establishments and wanting to make decisions on their behalf.

Dr. Mumba notes that when President Edgar Lungu however assumed power this wrong was realized and the PF government started by ensuring the installation of the Bemba Paramount chief Chitimukuli and changing the Minister of Traditional Affairs.

He says what is however unfortunate is that even under President Lungu the PF government has seems to have continued to abuse traditional leaders especially those in Southern Province.

Dr. Mumba is of the view that instead of acting upon a simple plea that he disciplines PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili publicly over their alleged offensive remarks against the people of Southern Province, President Lungu has allegedly opted not to a heed to chiefs’ plea.


He says President Lungu has actually preferred to be calling chiefs at State House instead of him following them to their chiefdoms as should be the most ideal situation.

The MMD president thinks that for as long as President Lungu does not do what the aggrieved Chiefs have asked, the feeling of being cheated, he suspects Chiefs have, will continue growing deeper.


He says this is because the PF government appears to using chiefs to propagate its own political agenda when it suits it but when Chiefs ask government to intervene in remedying a problem it has created itself government is not moving.




  1. MMD MPs must have felt insulted when Levy appointed you VP of MMD. Pastor do you remember that at one time you also wanted to stand for MP on PF ticket? What has changed?