Former UK Prime Minister was a shy gay man – Former brothel madam

Myra Ling-Ling Forde
Former brothel madam Myra Ling-Ling Forde, 67, and ex-PM Sir Edward Heath

Former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath was not a paedophile but a shy gay man who liked young men in their twenties, a former brothel madame has claimed.

Myra ‘Ling Ling’ Forde alleged Heath paid £500 for 90-minute sessions with the male escorts and liked slim, dark foreign men.

She also claims that the seven police forces now investigating historic sex abuse claims against the 89-year-old who died in 2005, will find no evidence to suggest he liked kids.


Speaking in her first interview since she was alleged to have sparked the sex-abuse scandal she told The Sun: “I knew Edward Heath in the early Nineties and provided young men for him.

“But he was not into sex with children. He was just a very secretive and shy gay man.

“It was impossible for someone in his position to be openly gay at the time — so he came to me.”


Forde, 67, alleges Heath would call her to set up midweek meetings and was very clear he liked exotic looking men in their twenties.

The madame, whose claims cannot be verified, says he was a client of her brothel a mile from his home in Salisbury, Wilts, for around six months in late 1990 and always sounded nervous when he phoned to arrange escorts.

She said his first escort was a young Spaniard called Enrique who was 21 or 22. She said she knew he was no younger because she checked his passport.