Mpombo Resurfaces, says Political Climate Boiling


Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president George Mpombo has resurfaced after taking a brief plunge by observing that Zambia’s current political climate is presently characterized by unnecessary antagonism.
Dr. Mpombo says such political brinkmanship is to the extent of where political opponents have stopped talking to each other.

He has taken note that people in the country are not sharing problems to each other and thereby failing to find a way forward to the problems.
Dr. Mpombo says such kind of attitude is on the other hand the most dangerous form of politics ever to be practiced in a Democratic country like Zambia.
He has explained that the current situation in the country is as bad as incubating a boil which can burst with severe consequences.

The PDP president says such political climate in the country is therefore a source of great concern for many well meaning Zambians.
He has since noted the need for the Patriotic Front government and opposition political parties to find time to jointly address the important issues that are being raised concerning governance of the country.

Dr. Mpombo has cautioned that if this is not done Zambia risks going into an uproar of political confusion, stagnation and turmoil.
He says this means that government and the opposition must start talking to each other in order to avoid such political turmoil in the nation.
The opposition leader is calling upon government to listen to the opposition while on the other hand urging the opposition to also begin to have a heart to accommodate the issues that are being raised.