Indefinite Closure Of The Copperbelt University

CBU students hit the streets with riots and demonstrations
CBU students

Education is the key to success is the tune that every child in Zambia is raised to, our current predicament is quite the opposite of what usually happens as us the children(students) are crying for our basic right to education whilst our parents (lecturers, CBU Management and Government of Zambia) are all so Selfish in protecting their own interests that they can’t see that the majority stake-holders in this fight us the students are losing.

The 2014-15 vacation period was supposed to last three months but because government had no money for bursaries this period was extended to over 4 months I doubt this would ever happen in any other country but its Zambia so incompetence is tolerated.

Upon finally opening school we stayed for weeks without having classes because the school management had failed to put up a proper learning timetable talk about incompetence right? this never happens not even in basic schools

.The lecturers then decided to down tools and not teach until the Govt fires or forces the school management team of less that 8 people to resign.


The Minister instead of looking for a swift solution to the problem decided to take the easiest way out i.e closing the school.


This was done without taking into consideration the students coming from distant places with no way of going back home or the poor students who paid rentals and suddenly had to leave we where given 24hours to vacate the premises as if we were criminals.

Easy solution for a government with a heart for the youth and the future of our nation should have been to priotize and fire the small Management team with the least to lose instead the over 15 000 students with more to lose have been sacrificed because supposedly the CBU Vice Chancellor Prof Ngoma is a major Cadre for one of the political parties in Zambia and is therefore untouchable so much so that the government as per one Hon Kambwili is willing to fire the 200 plus lecturers.


These lecturers are irreplaceable as far as Zambia is concerned I must say and firing them would tantamount to closure for years.

The students have been neglected and forgotten to rot on the Zambian streets as most of them have nothing to do and have resorted to all kinds of wrong vices.


The future of Zambia is under threat as the brightest minds of this young generation are not being nourished how do we ever hope to develop when our easiest way out of poverty education is being denied to us by people appointed to protect our interests.

Its been more than one month since the closure with no hope for a solution and we have already lost a lot of time programmes supposed to last 3 years are now taking 5 years truly Zambia is both literally(ZESCO Load-shedding) and metaphorically (Lack Of Education amongst citizens) the real Africa ‘Dark Continent’ .


The Govt is quite on the issue but our President has time for General Kanene this school has over 15 000 students and we have suffered we have tried writing to the President and meeting with the Minister Hon. Kaingu and yet nothing tangible has come of it.

We are asking for your help anyway you can help us pressure the govt into opening this school one way is by Posting this message on media platforms. Please Post #Open_CBU on any major facebook Page this is your fight Zambia’s future your brother’s,sister’s,c­­h­­ildren’s future is being threatened.

From: The United Students Of The Mighty CBU PS:How will we ever compete with international expatriates when our major institutions of learning have been turned into playground for petty politics.

By DM.